Reader E-Mail: #MeToo at City Light


I worked at City Light in the late 1980's. The problems of sexual harassment was well documented and endemic. A federal judge (Pechman I think) once said the problem was so well known, she wondered why the city even bothered to defend against the accusations, because everyone knew they (and much worse) were true. The real villain in all this was the law department, which vigorously, and in my opinion, maliciously attacked every accuser to make a point that any accuser would be dealt with severely. I have no doubt that attitude still prevails. The council is also to blame; they keep hiring leaders in City Light who offer no program to end these abuses; in fact, the leadership is why they continue unabated. I spoke up that long ago; I asked why we weren't settling cases that we would obviously lose, and why were we further abusing accusers with our own racist and sexist behavior. I lost my job, and it destroyed my career.
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