Sleep Tight


He's just been with that murderous guy in the Philippines and Putin and believes he's had the reddest red carpet ever.
Or Melania has left him.
The Russian operative assigned to trump, Melania, is far too loyal to Putin to abandon her mission.
Special Counsel to investigate Democratic Party.
Gomer for the win. The President has spent the week with folks who "investigate" their political opponents, and he is feeling yugely unmanly because democracy has prevented him from doing so, also.
Interesting Catalina, that does fit. She looks the perfect spy. When was she recruited you think?
Perhaps she's being called in, because the investigation is getting hot. She's the one going to Russia.
He's firing us.
Fuck. He loves this bullshit power game, and his buddy, the kiddy fiddler, denies everything. Who are these people?
And the person he shoots on Fifth Avenue will be Robert Mueller. Again, because why the hell not?
I'm with you guys. #resist.
@3: Sessions has recently requested prosecutors look into certain aspects of the Uranium One deal, and the Clinton Foundation's accounting, so that is a possibility.

Although more likely it will be something about the Chinese trade deals that were hammered out, or something else no one really cares about.
I suppose it would be cool if he announced that he had the entire Bush Administration arrested in sent to the Hague.
Wikileaks has provided another dump of Her Emails! This one’s going to really wow and impress Glenn Greenwald.
@11: Birchers aren’t really fond of international law.
@10: “Although more likely it will be something about the Chinese trade deals that were hammered out, or something else no one really cares about.”

Eh, it’s never even about things he’s done. He’s got a Chinese Trade Deal and it’s going to be bigly and he totally didn’t sign any deals terrible to America in order to preserve his trademark rights with the Chinese government. BIGLY, it’s just going to be the best just you see...
Something trade related that will backfire immediately probably.
Or he's resigning.
He really misses reality tv, doesn't he?
So it's past noon now on the east coast... Did I miss it? What the hell was it?
Melania has always been the brains of the operation. She was actually installed to Trump Tower to keep an eye on the Yugoslav mob's $$ that kept Trump in business when he demonstrated he couldn't make money on casinos (?!?!?!)
this is just a distraction from Sessions testimony. It will either be literally nothing or some bad thing we've been expecting all along . . . but the point is to try to shift the discussion from Sessions
1) Sessions resigns, and Stephen Miller to become AG. Will not require Senate conformation, because ‘we aren’t dong that anymore.’
2) New AG Miller agrees to open investigation into Clinton Foundation. Will include investigation into Comey’s handling of the investigation into Clinton/Uranium.
3) Rod Rosenstein, Deputy AG, resigns.
4) Trump writes letter firing Mueller.
5) Trump issues executive order closing Russia investigation.
6) Firing Mueller does not require AG, because Miller writes a legal memo that states that taking power from president to fire special counsel in unconstitutional.
7) Governor of AL extends date for special election; AL Republican Party agrees to special meeting to throw Moore off the ticket. Current incumbent Strange is immediately replaced by Sessions, who will then run as an incumbent.
8) Nancy Pelosi’s eyes get so big, they fall right out of her head. Schumer shrugs and says, ‘hey, its New York.’
Repealing the individual mandate for the ACA. Paul Ryan is gonna be so proud!
"I have to tell you, my big announcement - are you ready for it? It's so big. OK, here you go - oh look at that one there, so beautiful - it's about words. Nobody can do it. Everybody says nobody can do it. But I did it. Because I have the best words - don't I, sweetheart? Everybody's saying it. After I tell you, you won't believe it. But you know, we're winning at this. Here I go, I'm going to win right now - bigly - here I go: I found a rhyme for orange. Because America first!"
I can only hope he'll be rounding up the antifa dissidents pushing for revolution.
You left out "All of the above", Dan.
real news sites are already reporting that the big announcement will be a middle east peace plan endorsed by both Israel and Palestine. Jared Kushner talked everything out with both factions and was easily able to come up with an acceptable solution for both parties. There you go, Trump and Kushner deliver on their promise to bring peace to the middle east. I can't wait to see you idiots eating your own ugly shit once Trump makes his announcement.
@26 Because Derp Furor never makes announcements about things that haven't happened, aren't happening, and will never happen.
Prediction: Trump fires Sessions. Cover story will be Sessions' refusal to appoint special prosecutor to investigate Uranium One. Real reason will be to install an acting AG who isn't recused from Russia investigation in the hopes of eventually firing / containing Mueller.
@26 That was some speech. All hail Dim Leader.