Sheriff John Urquhart Concedes, Claiming "Reformers Only Last One Term"


You know who else only lasts one term? (if that?)

People accused of sexual assault. More than once. Who try to trash their accusers.
Only the best leaders praise themselves during concessions, yuge respect.
@1 Reverse Polarity (I love your Calvin avatar, by the way!) and @German Sausage: Congratulations for beating me to it. I nominate you both as winners of this thread. Urquhart certainly does have plenty of free time now. The White Trash House and its occupants are in dire need of cleaning and sterilizing.
@1, @2 -- Not all accusers are equally credible. Unlike so many other cases, both accusers here were known serial fabricators (one of whom has previously done so for political effect).

Now King County has a Sheriff beholden to the police unions that have successfully forced proven criminally corrupt officers back onto the force. Hope it works out better than it looks.

Reformers tend to incur retribution -- and voters tend to get what they vote for.
I wonder what the Obamas are thinking right now, a year later after the single most disastrous General Election in world history?
In the words of Ellis Redding, "The colossal pr**k even managed to sound magnanimous."
Does anyone really know a thing about Mitzi other than she isn't Urquahart? This is just going to be another train-wreck, mark my words.