Savage Love Letter of the Day: Butt Play With Strings Attached


I’m curious how many women let their boyfriends “help” insert their tampons once, let alone a few times. Over time do they do this with multiple partners? Is there a thrill for these women in eroticizing this aspect of their periods? Perhaps sharing something intimate that is generally done alone with someone else?
You might consider cardboard applicators. Those plastic ones are known as "beach whistles" at the Jersey shore.
@2: This letter is 7 years old. He may have switched to cardboard applications by now . . . or not. Plastic are easier, and he's reaching back and inserting it where's there's no natural lubricant (i.e. blood), so let the guy off the hook.
Dan, you OWN the butt plug topic! Congrats. Your son must be proud.
A new tampon doesn't have built in blood, what's with hiding their names. Writing a letter, classic. Hope you burnt it after you read it Dan.
Ah, the lost and forgotten tampon stories, always use the cotton ones.
Really Dan, I'm surprised you didn't suggest he also try anal beads, as I think they're used in a similar way.
I'll just put in a plug (haha) for OBs here (and a touch of lube, if needed). Why have the waste of an applicator at all?
This letter will never live forever on a server somewhere.
#5 is either projecting (I wonder what it's like for anti-gay bigots to know that we all know they're gay), or he's a very sad lame gay man.
@9 It will, but it won't be connected to an email account.
Proud but Pathetic Alt-Right White Guy @ 5 - Luckily for us all, most people don't live according to biblical literature. (Especially not christians - although they sometimes should, like the part about loving thy neighbor.)
@7: Yeah, as Dan mentions it’s then transgressive nature of the fetish. I did think the same though...
This is one time I'm not going to proselytize for the Diva Cup.
hopefully the string never breaks....
@14: lolllllll
I don't want to send an e-mail because I'd rather not have a record of this living forever on some server somewhere.

Originally published September 16, 2010.

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