Rapper Lil Peep Has Died at 21


Sad to see anyone die so young but I am really not understanding the reverence here. His writing wasn't that interesting or complex.
Poor kid didn't even live long enough to regret those ridiculous face tattoos.
Never heard of him, but that's sad though
Sad news but it looks like he was working hard on making many more bad life choices.

As Daniel Tosh rightly said: when was the last time someone said to talk to that old wise-man with the spider tattooed on his face for deep wisdom?
I can't be bothered to read the article in full. Please tell me this twit didn't manage to reproduce.
Why is the death of an iodine bottle model news?
The likelihood of committing suicide increases by 50% when you get a face tattoo.
When was the last time someone said to talk to daniel tosh for deep wisdom?
See, you guys, you've never heard of him.. .until now. This is all just a publicity move for his big 'come-back' Resurrection Tour 2018.

"Ha!... Y'all thought I was dead! But I saw the light. I made a special friend up there in the clouds.. and now I'm BACK! Bitches."

Savviest unknown-rapper PR tactic yet.
He'll probably get some sweet tax benefit from this too.
All the anti-face-tattoo bitching on a post about a kid's death makes me want to get a face tattoo. Also, if your comment on someone's death starts "it's sad, but..." then you're doing it wrong.
@10 you don't have a job anyway so go for the face tattoo.
time to just shut down slog comments.
@12 Shutting down the slog comments would be a death knell for the Stranger. It would go the way of the Seattle Weekly in less than a year. Remember, everyone who comments in the slog is a troll.
@12. Do your part then.