Why We’re Petitioning Seattle’s Federal Court to Unseal Electronic Surveillance Orders


Well researched and clearly explained Steven--thank you! And thanks to the Stranger in fighting for judicial transparency.
Proud to be a subscriber to the Stranger.
Right on. Please publicize any scheduling of hearings. I would definitely like to go sit in on oral arguments.
Very good of The Stranger to do this!
“The Stranger has a long track record of reporting on surveillance and police practices, from wireless mesh networks to social media tracking to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives cameras in the Central District. Records related to electronic surveillance at the federal level—particularly in this hub of tech and activism—could be a goldmine for stories in the same spirit”. So quick question- couldn’t The Stranger access personal information about users who comment on The Stranger and use it against those posters if, as they do state, “....surveillance and police practices, from wireless mesh networks to social media tracking” are being used? Sounds like The Stranger wants to get in on the “police state” action under the guise of “activism”.
WA residents have an easy accessible way to see which local agency is researching them: ACCESS logs go back about 6 years and show you who ran your name, plate number, etc through DAPS or NCIC. Public Records Request from WSP HQ. Takes a couple months. No court orders needed. Might not include Feds as much.