FCC Paves Way for Sinclair to Dominate Seattle's Local TV News Market


elections have consequences. unless you elect a democrat who believes in bipartisanship.
dumFux Nooz causes mental illness. How many elderly white people do we all know who've completely fucking lost it 'cause they have this mental poison on all day.

I'm serious.
@2: did you watch Brainwashing of My Dad? Propaganda works. Sinclair knows it.
What is "Local TV News"?. Never seen it.
@4: In these modern times, content (Sinclair or otherwise) can be streamed over the internet to a variety of other devices besides TVs.
Oh no! No more Zekes pizza parties to persuade your thinking.
When Sinclair bought KOMO, I stopped watching and listening to KOMO news. I've never watched Q13 News, since it's a Fox affiliate.

So, Sinclair can't sell me anything because I don't go into its store.
#4 I'm old and I stream the news on my phone. Have been for years. Now, get the fuck off my lawn!
“The Fox News effect could be a temporary learning effect for rational voters, or a permanent effect for nonrational voters subject to persuasion.” Ya think?

When they listen to it at TIP TOP VOLUME and then have to scream and shout to make themselves heard over O’Liarly or O’Hammity, or whatever Righty’s left, and suddenly they’re hating on the Libs and the Blacks and them lazy damn Mexicans (harvesting all our food!) -- that’s when you know it’s time to pull the plug -- you can’t cut the cable cause somehow Uncle Snoopy Rupert’s EVERYWHERE. And here I thought We The Peeps owned the damn Air Waves. When did we decide to just give them the fuck away? Did we vote on it? ‘Our’ FCC gave us Mein Trumpfy. I’m beginning to doubt it’s gonna get any better….

“Instead of the facts, what viewers are getting is pro-Trump propaganda, and this can have a major impact on both viewers and on elections ... As the Trump administration continues to dismantle regulations in the FCC and beyond, the Sinclair/Tribune merger will, in all likelihood, go forth. And when that happens, KOMO staffers may well find themselves out of a job, and Seattle viewers may find that their local news source, which has served the public since 1953, is no more.”

But, not to worry! There’s about to be a New Network in town. A new division of the new Ministry of Truth, it’ll combine the best of Business with the best of Government – authoritarian rule and a giant bureaucracy – welcome to Trumpf TeeVee! Nothing but the Truth, the Whole Truth, no Fake Truth ever. The morning salutes begin at 6:55am. It’ll be two-way, so make sure you’re dressed.

It’s about to be a whole brave new world.
@5 - Also, you're a trump cultist so.
"on the other hand, mentally ill old people are the only ones still watching TV."

And they seem to also be the only group that can be relied upon to vote. They don't have to worry about the endless purity tests of the left.
@5, 13: its not only TV. i have to constantly fight back against the malign presence of KIRO's dori monson in my 90-year old mother-in-law's life. she listens every day at top volume.

and guess what? she thinks he has important things to say about seattle, that seattle is terrible now, and the tents when you get off the ferry shouldn't be allowed! this was an apolitical woman who's never lived in seattle in her life.

RW propaganda turns you into David in Shoreline.
@5: People are actually paying the paywall. NYT and WaPo subscriptions are up, as are for local papers.
This could easily backfire on Sinclair in blue states or when the country starts shifting back to the left because of Trump, Roy Moore, etc. We saw a little of what's in store for the US in the latest elections, so I hope these right wingers don't mind having their influence yanked away just as forcefully as they shoved it down our throats.
Only idiots watch network TV. Sinclair is buying a dying industry. Let 'em waste their money.
@17: Careful. Dan's 'The Real O'Neals' is on ABC>
"If 'folks' of limited mental capacity rely on TV for their information, then what does it matter who owns the stations."

Well, them fools VOTE. (See: the Prez)

Speaking of drivel....
Since ~1980, consolidation occurred in all economic sectors paralleling extreme wealth concentration at the very top. THIS is the upshot of deregulation even though our neoliberals overlords claimed it would introduce more competition (suckers)
"Multiple studies have found that Fox News viewers are the least informed cable news audience, and—perhaps more disturbing—when Fox News enters a new market, Republican politicians are more likely to get elected."

I don't dispute assertion per se. It would certainly bolster the credibility of the article to cite at least ONE such study, would it not?