Tommy Le’s Family Demands Expanded Rights During the County Inquest Hearing


This is a good development for this family and the inquest process.
@1. I agree, but sadly, predictably, no one here cares because Le isn’t the right color.
The Le family doesn’t want an inquest — they want a show trial.
I’m positive that the absent trolls have all taken the “Are Asians part of the problem?” workshop and come out sufficiently woke enough to differentiate between a scenario where Charleena Lyles is mentally ill and in crisis and shot by the police and Tommy Le is mentally ill and in crisis and shot by the police.

Remember when Tommy Le story broke? 5 comments. I was 2 of them. Charleena Lyles? Thousands of pearl clutching, hand wringing comments. Not to mention the social media outrage. The parades. The “organizing” and posturing.

Why is the one story more tragic and worthy of outcry than the other?
@5: absent trolls? you're here, putting words in other's mouths. twice.
@6. There’s one now. Surprised you have the balls to show up this time.

Been sitting this one out until now. Where you been?
@5 he was killed in june but your comment history only goes back to september so either you’re full of shit or you’ve lost track of your sock puppets
ban the troll
@2/@5/@7 go fuck yourself.
@8,9,10. Hateful. Racists.

No excuses, your comments and lack of comments speak for themselves.
@7: why would you be surprised? I've been consistent in condemning police use of firearms as a first resort. I don't think Lyles' death is any more of an outrage than Le's, and I never said otherwise.
@11 should i infer from your baseless name-calling that you are full of shit or that you have gotten your various troll accounts mixed up?
@13. Hardly baseless. Racist. What does it matter what name I used at that time to you? Oh yeah, you’re a racist piece of shit who got exposed and you’re trying to deflect.

@max. Not being part of a conversation in one case and over present in another is hardly what I’d call consistent.
It’s glaringly obvious to anyone who comments here that there is a huge bias in interest in the two cases (which are very similar). What’s the difference in the cases? The coverage? A little bit. The fact that Charleena had kids? Might be a factor in the severity of the tragedy. But no one here even showed up to comment on Tommy Le’s case. And it’s basically the exact same case. In my view it’s an even better case on merit for changing police practice in these types of situations.

Why didn’t any of the usual howlers show up and scream for justice? It’s so obviously the fucking race of the deceased. The same trolls that constantly see the world through a racially unjust lens are guilty of ignoring a death because Tommy Le is Asian and not African American.
Muffy, I’m honestly not sure who is arguing for what here anymore, but I do want to make sure I comment on all the posts required such that I don’t become a racist. This is the earliest reference I can find to Tommy Le on Slog, but it doesn’t have any comments at all. Can you help me find your earlier demonstration of virtue?…

@14 i have a simple question, based on simple and easily digestible facts. You're refusal to answer it is adorable, as is your belief that someone might actually care whether a random nobody in the internet shouts RACIST at them.

Here, let me spell this out for you:

1. Tommy Le was killed on June 13, 2017
2. The commenting history linked to the 'muffy' account began in september 2017
3. The person operating the 'muffy' account claims to represent 2/5 comments 'when the Tommy Le story broke', which was in June 2017
4. September 2017 is 3 months after june 2017

Thus either the person operating the muffy account - that would be you, in case i've lost you - is making up a weird bullshit story just to give himself the satisfaction of calling strangers on the internet 'racist' based on a completely arbitrary metric of his own choosing (side note: you don't have to go to such ridiculous lengths, buddy. You can call anyone a racist at any time if it suits you, no need to wait for a tragic death to exploit), or he was here commenting under a different alias in june when this story first broke. I would like to know which of these facts are true. I'm genuinely curious.
Muppet also likes to say that undocumented workers commit crimes in our communities. That ought to tell you everything you need to know about Muppet's concern viz race/ethnic baiting. Ban the fucking troll..
@17. I already inferred that I was commenting under a different name then, dummy. And alias? Who is commenting under their real name here, blipshit? Sometimes I get sick of this site, delete the email linked to my profile here and come back later when I can stomach more of this tripe. I don’t comment under multiple profiles at any one time.

YOU on the other hand have done nothing but duck the accurate accusation that you have nothing to say about one case and endless opinions about the other.

Say something about that...or don’t. Keep deflecting you hipster racist.

My moniker then was snicks, CDO7. And I said the same thing then that I am saying now. Tommy Le is being ignored by these racist trolls because he is Asian.

@18. I have never said that. I don’t even think illegal immigrants need to commit crimes to be prioritized for deportation. So I am more racist (to a dumb fuck like you) except I don’t care what color or ethnicity they I’m actually just someone who thinks laws and sovereignty should be followed and exercised. It’s a privilege to be here. One that should be vetted for and earned, not stolen.
Oh cool, a response!

You cannot delete your own account by deleting an email. You can forget your password or just stop coming here but only the stranger overlords can suspend you, after which your comment history is wiped, like this:…

Now i want to know what you said to get banned.
@21 Yeah, I want to know too!

C'mon muffy, tell us. We know you must be proud of it.
Maybe this has something to do with it? 2 days before muffy showed up snicks called charles a piece of trash and a hateful soulless creep because he thinks billionaires should be taxed more:…

What a weird thing to get angry about.
@20 "I have never said that."

Oh yes, you did: "Except those who believe people who are in the country illegally and who commit crimes shouldn't be here. "

Go away, troll.

It's not a Trial, so.....

If they want a Circus, go to las vegas.