Dont quit your day job, Joe.
Don't quit your day job, Joe.

If, like me, you didn't know that the co-host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, also maintains a musical career, you will be surprised by his new holiday-centric EP, A Very Drumpf Christmas, which came out November 17 via the very big and major Sony label. It's stunningly mediocre and mild-mannered indie-rock, in addition to being handicapped by linking itself with Christmas, an instigator for some of the most cloying and annoying music the godforsaken human race has ever endured. But, hell, you might like it anyway.

"The Drumpf" is the most distinctive song of the three here; it's Tom Waits-lite, filled with potshots taken at the president's physical grotesqueness and his general awfulness, which is marring Christmas—and indeed every day—for a large percentage of the country. Scarborough's voice is pleasant and the playing and production totally professional, if nothing else. But the satire and wit are pallid. Plus, it's doubtful that the target of Scarborough's toothless scorn won't even hear this EP, as Trump appears not to care at all about music—or any culture, for that matter. But one can hope Twitler will hear it and, in turn, blow a gasket. Happy fucking holidays.