Sheriff John Urquhart
Sheriff John Urquhart King County

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Renton Police Recommend Sexual Assault Charge Against King County Sheriff John Urquhart: "Renton police have found that there are grounds to file a sexual assault charge against King County Sheriff John Urquhart, who lost his reelection bid amid allegations of sexual misconduct ranging from groping to rape from two former deputies. Urquhart also faced criticism for attempting to discredit his two accusers," Sydney Brownstone reports. The recommended charge relates to Urquhart's second accuser, former King County deputy Brian Barnes, who came forward in a Seattle Times story to accuse Urquhart of groping him in 2014. Urquhart denies the allegations.The Snohomish County prosecutor will now decide whether to file charges.

Jay Inslee Wants High-Speed Rail to Vancouver: The governor was in British Columbia yesterday, where he said Washington will soon release a study on building high-speed rail from Seattle to Vancouver, the Vancouver Sun reports

Seattle Times Editorial Board Gets Something Right: The board writes: "The Legislature’s practice of demanding the utmost transparency from other state and local government officials while ignoring the same disclosure rules is nothing other than self-serving hypocrisy."

Hackers Stole Uber Data, then Uber Paid them Off: Two hackers stole data affecting 57 million Uber drivers and riders from a third party more than a year ago and then demanded $100,000 from the company to delete their copy of the data. The company paid the money, had the hackers sign nondisclosure agreements, and made the payout appear like it was part of an effort to have hackers test software, according to the New York Times. "Companies are funding organized crime, an industry of criminals is being created,” cybersecurity expert Kevin Beaumont told the Times. “The good guys are creating a market for the bad guys. We’re enabling them to monetize what years ago would have been teenagers in bedrooms breaching companies for fun.”

What the GOP Tax Plan Means for Teachers: Surprise, it's fucking terrible.

Federal Judge in Seattle Hears Trans Military Ban Arguments: A U.S. District Court judge heard oral arguments Tuesday from lawyers for trans rights advocates and the Justice Department. The judge is expected to rule by December 8. Meanwhile yesterday, a judge in Baltimore issued a preliminary injunction against the ban.

Trump Administration Could Crack Down on Worker Centers: "There are vast categories of working people who are unable to unionize—because they are freelancers or independent contractors, or because they have otherwise been pushed out of the possible ranks of unions due to vagaries of the law that are, in virtually all cases, designed to empower employers at the expense of employees," writes Hamilton Nolan at Splinter. "One major way that the labor movement tries to help these millions of people who can’t join traditional unions is by opening 'worker centers,' which are essentially nonprofit groups that try to improve conditions and build worker power even without collective bargaining." Now, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta says the feds will review the legal status of those centers to, in the words of one Republican, "show people that they’re just a front for labor unions."

Everett Bikini Baristas Make Their Case in Court: Baristas in Everett sued that city over ordinances requiring them to wear more than bikinis at work. Attorneys for the baristas say the law violates their first amendment rights, is vague, and only applies to women, the Seattle Times reports. The City of Everett argues it's trying to cut down on criminal conduct. The judge is expected to rule next week.

More Rain Is Coming: "Copious rain and warmer temperatures."

ICYMI: They're coming for net neutrality, Trump defends Moore, CBS fires Charlie Rose.