If he looks like a racist and swims like a racist and quacks like a racist...
Creepy. Stay safe, Charles :-/
so gross
@1: WHITE NATIONALIST! come on, it's totally different! god! so frustrating.

Krafft might want to review the 1st Law of Holes.
Charles, you are a handsome guy, and a fantabulous writer! This guy, and half of the gd country make me absolutely sick.
2013 NEW YORKER ARTICLE, that begins by citing The Stranger's 2013 article on the Nazi Charles Krafft: "Last month, an article by Jen Graves in Seattle’s weekly paper The Stranger exposed the artist Charles Krafft as a white nationalist and Holocaust denier, and former admirers of his work are now stripping it from their walls.,,,,,,,Krafft’s repugnant personal opinions have cast his work in a new light, and brought up knotty questions about how an artist’s intent should influence our evaluation of his work. We have precedents for heinous personal beliefs coinciding with creative brilliance (Ezra Pound, Richard Wagner), and bigotry embodied in works of great formal achievement (“The Birth of a Nation,” “Triumph of the Will”), but this is an unusual case of an artist’s ideological extremism so suddenly exposed, and so plainly relevant to his art."

here's the article:…

This Krafft dude is a Nazi, and everything that carries with it. Straight up. I mean, a Holocaust denier!!!!!!

I comment on Mr. Mudede's articles because, though I do not always agree, they always make me think and feel, and often shout out loud, "WTF Charles!" BUT, I always read his stuff. I stand up for and beside Mr. Mudede. And I defiantly raise my middle finger at bigot boy Krafft....

I'm a born a bred 50 something Seattleite (I know Iknow, one of those) and there ain't nothing Seattle about Krafft. Nothing at all.

Mudede? Now, he's as Seattle as it gets!

Gotta love how Krappt blasts you for political correctness, while simultaneously demanding that you refer to him as a white (trash) nationalist, rather than a white (trash) supremacist.
You guys do nothing but go after me. Everything you write about me is negative and half of it is bullshit

To tell you the truth, this is the very first I've ever heard of this guy. I may not be the most religious reader out there, but I keep up.

Sounds like he's self-absorbed with a martyr complex. If I had to guess, all of the white supremacist nationalist posturing is a desperate cry for attention from a nobody.

Basically Milo Yiannopolis without the name recognition.
He has me confused with a Swedish reporter who went to his house (and did fabricate some things). MY coverage of Northwest Forum was 100 percent accurate.
Charles (Kraft), you act like a Nazi, you espouse Nazi ideology, you associate with Nazis, you use Nazi iconography in your for-profit "art", but you're JUST a "white nationalist". Well, bless my soul, as they say down below the Mason-Dixon Line.
That's a nice picture of Charles, actually. Hi Charles!
@9 what was fabricated? I read that piece, so it would be good to know what to disregard.
Hey, Mr. Krafft just wants to hate and plan the murder of Jews & other undesirables in peace. Why is that so hard for you lefties to understand? You always make everything about race, when really it's about whites being superior to everyone else. Mr. Krafft deserves respect, success, and consideration because he's white and he's not ashamed to say it. What a stand up guy!
Ew, I’m sorry this is happening to you, Charles Mudede. Creepy and racist and personal — I hate it.

On the upside, it really is a great photo.

Having known back in the day I can verify he is a first class unbalanced shit bag.

The reason he gravitated to these Nazis is because he alienated literally everyone else. The only people who can stand him are the rejects and losers who glom on to these pathetic white identity movements. It’s the last bastion of socially incompetent assholes.

I have no idea if he really honestly intellectually embraces this bullshit. But I know he likes being adored by these morons more than anything else.
Orwell knew a thing or two...
By ‘patriotism’ I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally.

Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality.
So yeah, Krafffft is a white nationalist, eh? I'd say that's about right.
"Only half of the terrible things you say about me are true" LOL
White ceramicists Charles Krafft is the last rebel artist in America. Thoughtful kind and intelligent...He is a true genius who secretly mentors many artists. His reach is long in the underground dissident art community.
I stand with Mr. Charles Mudede, without reservation, against the vile behavior of Mr. Charles Krafft.
@18 Hi Charlie!
@20 Youre so right; check out that comment history. Johnrambo in @18 is obviously Krafft or his lickspittle.
He's like a blowhard made of delicate porcelain. So ironic!
Anyone who likes Charles Krafft is Charles Krafft! The prolapsed rectum mob has spoken! Lolololol!
This is the same Charles Mudede who wrote an article for the Stranger proclaiming a Jewish man was a racist for pointing out that excuse used by a black man to call for his murder was false? Yes it is. No sympathy from me. What Mudede did is more despicable than Krafft. He slurred a victim of a hate crime due to racial allegiance.
It would be like if someone called Mudede the "N" word and said he should be lynched because he raped their dog last weekend and when he pointed out he couldn't have done it because he was out of the country I wrote an article published in the Stranger calling Mudede racist for pointing out the excuse for hate speech towards him was based on a verifiable lie.
Krafft is horrible but Mudede is worse cause at least the racial hatred of Krafft isn't passive aggressive like Mudedes.…
Why is there only one black staff member at the Stranger? You kinda buried the lede.
The Stranger really need not turn over the rock under which Chucky Krafft pisses himself. - Jack Mackie
"No, he just represents The Stranger and that postmodern, intellectual French, neo-Marxist intellectual take on everything that seems to epitomize everything"

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Krafft may be a shitty human being but this quote is not wrong.
@23 ”prolapsed rectum mob”

I’m assuming that’s a gay jab, but I’d need to see more of your writing than just three comments over four years (all supporting Herr Krafft) to get a sense of your humor. Care to send any samples with a purpose other than craven anonymous bootlicking?

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