Chowing down on Thanksgiving.
Chowing down on Thanksgiving.

THANKSGIVING: Some people are celebrating, some people are mourning, some people are telling you to get offline, and this asshole is violating the emoluments clause and enriching himself.

RACIST PRESIDENT ALWAYS RACISTING: "Let’s be clear about this: President Trump regularly goes out of his way to attack prominent African Americans not just to 'stoke the culture wars,' as this euphemism often has it—but, more precisely, to stoke the sense among many of his supporters that the system is unfairly rigged on behalf of minorities, and that he’s here to put things right," Greg Sargent writes at the Washington Post.

RACIST PRESIDENT ELECTED BY RACIST GOP BASE: Adam Serwer's new piece at The Atlantic about Trump's base—the GOP's base—is required reading. Read it out loud to your conservative/racist uncle at dinner tonight? And speaking of racist uncles: Mike Pesca unpacked the conservative/racist uncle trope on The Gist yesterday in another brilliant end-of-show spiel. Listen here.

RACIST CERAMICIST STILL RACISTING: Charles Krafft is a terrible human being.

WHITE HOUSE WATCH: Melania Trump touches stuff.

FBI: WHAT WE NEED ARE MORE BAD GUYS WITH GUNS: "Tens of thousands of people wanted by law enforcement officials have been removed this year from the FBI criminal background check database that prohibits fugitives from justice from buying guns," the Washington Post reports. "The names were taken out after the FBI in February changed its legal interpretation of 'fugitive from justice' to say it pertains only to wanted people who have crossed state lines. What that means is that those fugitives who were previously prohibited under federal law from purchasing firearms can now buy them, unless barred for other reasons."

SHOOTING ON CAPITOL HILL LAST NIGHT: "Two people were shot in the arm Wednesday night after a fight broke out at night club in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood," KOMO reports. "Police got calls about 9:45 p.m. about shots fired inside the Chop Suey night club in the 13000 block of East Madison Street." Capitol Hill Seattle has updates and pics. This isn't the first time there's been a shooting inside Chop Suey.

ARMED AND TIMOROUS: "Three days after the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, I fired a handgun for the first time," begins Sean Nelson's excellent feature in this week's paper. Pick up a print copy of The Stranger or read it here. A taste:

When I got the gun home, I stared at it, held it, pondered it, and tried hard to think of it as mine. There it was, undeniably owned by me, in all its clunky, boxy, Glocky glory.

Sitting there on my kitchen table, unloaded but next to a box of bullets, it was almost as though the gun was pulsating. The center of gravity in the room changed unmistakably. It was now a room with a gun in it.

As I loaded the magazine with bullets (a bit of a squeeze, PS), I literally flinched as I imagined misfiring. What if one of these little brass and lead numbers went out the window and hit someone waiting for the bus across the street, or went through the wall and hit one of my neighbors, or went across the room and hit one of my dogs? How many lives could be ended, and how many more ruined, all because of this ugly L-shaped tool?

SAVE THE INTERWEBS: "The Republican-helmed Federal Communications Commission is expected to pull the plug on net neutrality rules in three weeks," reports NBC News. April Glaser explains it all for you at Slate: "If the move goes through as expected, that means that by the end of January, internet providers like Comcast and Verizon will be allowed to charge websites to reach users at faster speeds, essentially slowing down access to websites that can’t afford those fast-lane prices—a tiered internet that the current rules preclude." You know who wants to end Net Neutrality? Putin. Here's a petition you can sign to save Net Neutrality. And then we can all get back on the phone Friday—because we've got to save health care and stop Trump's obscene tax cuts and protect the elephants and block voter suppression. At this point we should all just call our representatives and never hang up.

TAX THE RICH: "Seattle's income tax on people making more than $250,000 annually violates state law and is therefore invalid, a King County Superior Court judge ruled today," Heidi Groover reports. An appeal is planned.

HOUSE OF CADS: The streaming network moved quickly after Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual assault, canceling one film and firing Spacey from House of Cards. Critics are wondering why the network hasn't taken any action against Danny Masterson, who has been accused of rape by four different women and has a series in production at Netflix. And this happened yesterday:

In a recorded phone call obtained by HuffPost, Jenni Weinman, the longtime publicist of actor Danny Masterson, suggested to one of the four women accusing Masterson of rape that a woman who is in a relationship with a man can’t claim that man raped her. In that conversation, Weinman remained unfazed when presented with accusations that her client had raped women while they were unconscious.

And religion, as always, is here to make things worse:

Chrissie Bixler was a Scientologist at the time [of the alleged rape]―as Masterson was and still is―so she filed what’s known as a knowledge report to the Church ethics office. One of the key policies of the Church of Scientology is that a Scientologist must never report another Scientologist to law enforcement. (They’re also not allowed to sue fellow Scientologists.) Filing a police report would have led the Church to declare Bixler a suppressive person―a harsher form of excommunication that would have required any Scientologist to immediately “disconnect” from her. Bixler filed the knowledge report with the Church, but was told by Church officials that what happened to her couldn’t be considered rape because she was in a relationship with Masterson. She says the Church repeatedly threatened her to stay silent, and that in 2002 it coerced her, under the threat of being declared a suppressive person, to sign an agreement releasing Masterson from any claims, including palimony.

LOCAL TEACHER ARRESTED ON CHILD PORN CHARGES: Seattle Academy's 2015 "Teacher of the Future" allegedly "morphed" his students faces into pornographic images. He admitted to authorities that he used school computers to download child porn after a relative turned him in. "Cronin said he never inappropriately touched kids, but told investigators that he fantasized about students he works with," King5 reports.

ARMPIT OF THE DAY: American Ballet Theater principal dancer Roberto Bolle. And a little something for the foot fetishists. And why isn't ballet a porn genre?

WHAT'S THE AXING PRICE? Got $800K laying around? You could live in Lizzie Borden's house.

DEEP FAT FRYERS: So if we all eat more fries—and more deep-fried Twinkies—we can save the planet?

UPSCALE DENVER COFFEE SHOP IN TROUBLE: To gentrify a neighborhood may be regarded as a misfortune, to joke about it looks like callousness.