Grindr Is Now Open to Everyone, Including Women, Trans People, and Nonbinary Folks


Since we've learned that gay men are among those who enjoy the fruits of male privilege they clearly should give up Grindr and allow anyone to use it.

Why doesn't someone develop an app for people who identify in one of the newly discovered identities and create something for themselves that they can own?
Some men really do worry about being outed, whether as gay, kinky, or something else. The idea of real dead weight using up real estate seems like a terrible idea, unless Grindr is hoping that more folks will become paid users to get demographic filters.

Another gay app, Growlr, has categories like Transman and Transsexual, but not women. These are apps for men seeking men. OkCupid is for all folks, with plenty of categories to choose from.
Is this screenshot with the new update in place? Because, not to assume anyone's gender or anything, but... even with "filters off" visible there, Grindr's still looking pretty one-sided.
@1 Because such apps would probably be a wasteland due to the relatively small numbers involved would be my guess. But what do I know? Back in the day, the straight porn magazines used to carry all kinds of ads for services from people who used to be called "chicks with dicks."

Anyways, sounds to me like Grindr is trying to make the same kind of move that many gay bars have, throwing the doors open to welcoming straight women. But this whole thing kind of puts me in mind of the fate of the old Continental Baths, when "Bathhouse Betty" Midler used to perform. The performances started attracting too many straight people and drove the gay clientele away, eventually killing the business.

But then Grindr's not really my thing--too many kids and bots--so what do I care?
I am SICK of breeders infiltrating gay sex spaces. Fuck all of you! You do not get to see my dick pics if you are not a fag.

Same goes for bachelorette parties in gay strip clubs. And "feminist" art collectives who steal gay men's dick pics without their permission. And straight journalists outing Olympic athletes on Grindr.

Grindr's new Chinese owners are clueless about their demographic. Grindr is OVER!

Again women invading men's space. I just deleted Grindr.
I have to laugh at all this "dating apps" BS. Back in the Dark Ages of last century you could stand still in a bar for 10 minutes and presto, a willing partner or several. Honestly, y'all are making it way too complicated to get laid. All you are really doing is looking at pretty pictures on your gadget, not interacting with actual people or having actual sex. You're not fooling anyone.
@7 Maybe dating has changed in the last 17 years? Maybe people want better options than hanging out in bars? Maybe your post reads a bit out-of-touch?
I see no difference between this and the men that complained they weren't allowed in the women-only screenings of Wonder Woman. We need our gay spaces. Women joining Grindr is intrusion, not inclusion.
Remember several years ago when ChristianMingle was sued by gay folks for being hetero only? And they had to start allowing gay profiles. Good times.