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I've been with my boyfriend for twelve months. I've always known he was kinda kinky which is great because I'm pretty vanilla but love giving new stuff a chance. (He got me into spanking.) Then a few months ago he was reading an email he got from his ex-boyfriend out loud to me and the ex mentioned something about my boyfriend "making him dress up in diapers." My boyfriend denied that claim, saying something along the lines of "that's not true." We've never done anything with diapers and he's never expressed that desire to me. Today, I was making an outline at home for my upcoming chem exam and my pen ran out of ink. I searched the apartment for a pen but I was unable to find one. The last place I checked was my boyfriend's backpack which he uses for travel. Inside his backpack was a pair of browned diapers and a small bottle of lotion (the same brand we use as lube). Also: he has been making a lot of trips into a major city that we live near by on the weekends, sometimes overnight for work. So it seems like he is definitely cheating on me, right?

Diapers Indicate Relationship Turmoil, Yeah?

Let's assume your boyfriend of nearly twelve months is into diapers, into browning/shitting his diapers (most diaper fetishists stick to yellowing/wetting them), and saves diapers after he shits in them. This would move your boyfriend from the "kinda kinky" column to the "extremely kinky" column.

Now let's assume the worst: in addition to all of the above, your boyfriend is having an affair with someone in another city who's also into diapers and those may not be his dirty diapers (or his shit) you found in his bag when you were snooping looking high and low for a pen. Cheating isn't okay, of course, and your boyfriend has some explaining/apologizing to do if he's cheating. (It's possible he may be indulging in diapering play solo when works takes him out of town.)

But if we're talking worst-case scenario here—he's into diapers (which isn't a hugely popular kink, but it's not anything he should be ashamed of) and he's cheating on you with a diaper pal in another city. Is that something you can tolerate? Could you forgive him? And retroactively give him your blessing to do his diaper thing with others? If he's got this kink and you're not interested in exploring it and the fact that he's into "browning diapers" isn't fatal to your attraction to him when he's out of diapers... would you be up for allowing him to explore this particular kink with other guys who share it? Or are diapers a desire-killer and cheating an unforgivable violation?

You should figure out where you come down on those questions before you confront your boyfriend about his transgressions, DIRTY. Good luck.

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