Who's Next? Garrison Keillor, That's Who.


For some reason Keillor didn't surprise me.
@1 Yeah. Me neither.
"I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything."
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that's sad. meanwhile, trump thrives.

@1, 2: would any man with any modicum of power & wealth surprise you at this point? I guess jimmy carter would surprise me.

Well, here's what he says happened.

The Left is eating its own. Hysteria about "rape culture" and campus-borne doctrine about the motivations and evils of "toxic masculinity," and its impacts on "womyn" have created a vacuum for any reasonable conversation.

Thinking and social discourse has been nuked.

You must comply with the narrative. Or you are an Other. Addition by division. Divide and conquer.

Keillor's reason is not any excuse -- because how someone "feels" prevails over the facts and reason of the circumstance. So he must go. (George Takei can stay (for now) because in the calculus LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ sexual identity prevails over Takei's arguments supporting pedophilia. (Oh, that story didn't make your news feed?)

The Left is eating its own.

Go fuck yourself, scumbag. Takei was talking about his view of his own experience, not the experiences of others or the topic more broadly.

As for Keillor and his statement on the issue, I'm willing to wait until we hear from the victim or if any other women come forward.
What should be the consequence for sexual harassment of people you work with or people who work for you? It has often been the victims of sexual harassment who lose their jobs when they report it, either retaliation or they leave because they don't feel safe. I've seen that twice now in the university I work at. Should it be tolerated or not? I see a lot of crying for men's careers, how many have had their careers affected by being harassed or assaulted at the workplace. If you violate the policies of your workplace, or behave badly in a way that reflects on your employer, you can be fired. It goes for teachers who post racist shit on their social media, and it goes for people who sexually harass their co-workers/employees
George Takei once spoke about having sex with an 18 year old when he was 13.

Fox just shelled out over $100 million between their harassment victims and their shareholders, and now other corporations are scrambling to cover their asses. I guess you could call that 'eating your own' if the politics align but it seems self-evident that this is primarily about money (for the corporations) and justice (for the victims).

@11 Rather – fuck you!

Yes, indeed, George Takei WAS speaking about HIS experience.

Radio anchor: Were you molested?
George Takei: No. Because I thought he was attractive. And he was.

But Takei deflects that molestation is a relative construct, and that his experience and opinion (being okay with it), means that the sexual attraction of adult men to young boys is a 'relative' issue, not a moral absolute.

We don't let minor children make judgements about whether an adult's abuse of power is 'bad' or 'okay'.

In ALL cases ANY sexual relationship between a 13 year old and an adult is molestation: (def) "contacts or interactions such as inappropriate physical contact between a child and adult where the child is used for the sexual stimulation of the adult perpetrator."

Stop being an apologist for a deviant who is no better than Trump, just because you favor the politics, you spineless douche.
"means that the sexual attraction of adult men to young boys is a 'relative' issue, not a moral absolute."

Boy, isn't that a nice backflip. Can you do any other tricks? Just because one person chooses to accept their molestation as acceptable because they consented to it doesn't change that the act was in of itself bad. When women who are physically abused by their husband say, "they deserved it", they aren't de facto saying physical abuse is a moral relative, they're trying to make logic of the incident(s).

You're calling the victim of sex abuse a "deviant". A 13 year old child, at the time, is a deviant to you because they "enjoyed" the contact of an older man. You don't call the abuser a deviant, mind you. I'm sure because you have a lot in common with them.

Aw gee, thousands of years of women being oppressed, abused, assaulted, and violated, and you're surprised the pendulum,when it finally swung in the other direction, went so far? And we're not talking about teh feelz, we're talking about actions: physical expressions of violent behavior perpetrated against one half of the population of the planet. The response isn't "hysterical", except in the minds of misogynistic, patriarchal males such as yourself;, it's simply and quite understandably the manifestation of literally several millennia of pent-up rage and frustration at being treated like objects, third class citizens, and the personal property of the other half of the population of the planet.

The time for having a "reasonable conversation" on the subject probably passed about when St. Paul was penning his screeds against women some 2,000 years ago...
Keillor says he was fired because he put his hand on a woman's bare back as he tried to console her. Keillor says the woman recoiled, he apologized and she later told him she forgave him.

If this is truly what happened then the radio station is massively overreacting. If we have reached a point where someone's reputation and livelihood are on the line for merely touching another human being, then we have gone way too far.

I don't care how it was interpreted. If what Keillor says is true, then he's being treated shamefully. And if the woman concerned is coming up with this now in order to jump on the bandwagon, then hers is the name that deserves to be dragged through the mud. Slinging around accusations makes it that much harder for real victims to come forward. This is exactly like the BS O'Keefe's so-called Project Veritas tried to pull with the Washington Post.

There is a real danger here that the grifters will see a bandwagon that they can start jumping on. I'm not saying that this is what is happening in this case; we've only got Keillor's side of the story so far. But this is exactly how witch-hunts start: some serious, real cases come to light, followed by some more real cases that maybe are in more of a gray area, and then we are off to the races and seeing accusations flung around like wild.

We've got to be careful here and not just go off the headlines.
I'm fine with shitcanning all these dudes but all these stories are mild compared with what I've seen in the workplace. Someone needs to dig around the car dealerships of the eastside. Wont take much to turn up some stories about married dudes in their 40's giving bathsalts to teen girls then gangbanging and cornholing them in the breakroom as they tweak.
@16 Some day when you're not breathless with self-affirming indignation you'll come to realize that men (lemme' guess – straight, white) didn't win the injustice sweepstakes outright.

Throughout history 'shittiness' is a 'prize' men, women, black, asian, hispanic etc. all get to share.

The fact that you think men are more terrible is merely because of your cultural myopia, and indulgent, self-referential view of history.

As for the evils of women – Elena Ceaușescu, Jiang Qing, Imelda Marcos. That's a few million dead right there. And let's not forget Indira Gandhi who forced sterilization on millions. Ranavalona murdered 80% of her population. (Never heard of her? Figures. Don't think 'Occupy Democrats' covered it.) Winnie Mandela saw to it the plenty of kids had tires necklaced around them and set alight. But all of that is inconvenient to your binary fable, pitting men and women against each other.

And men are the abusers and subjegators? Who, for centuries, have been India's social police and civic enforcers of the Chatuvarnya , subjecting hundreds of millions Adivasis and Dalits to disease, famine and destitution based on birth? Women.

Grow up in Africa and you'll have different villains (Mugabe, Amin, as black as you'd like). Grow up in Asia and the despots change hues, (Pol Pot, Mao). That you think men are some coordinated, monolithic engine of awful is simply because you're gullible to political slogans, or too lazy to learn otherwise.

And women gave us the Kardashians! FUCK!

Hillary Clinton, despite knowing her husbands' abuse of women, abetted his use of an intern as a humidor. What does that say about women, and their capacity for terribleness?

What does it say about the large share of women who to this day support a rape apologist?

Your bumper-sticker thesis is bullshit.
@19 First, love how you just ignored the fact that you call children of sexual violence "deviants" if they didn't come out of the situation completely scarred.

Second, love your strawman of Comte's post, who made no reference to race and was talking about men universally. Which, mind you, helped prove prove their point by listing 5 terrible women and compared that to the multitude of men who have caused even more harm.

Lastly, I enjoy that you have no understanding of the words "proportional" and "context".
@20 I called Takei a deviant in the context of his ADULT comments and justifications. In fact you've just been caught up in your own fallacy by using the word "victim" to describe him. Sit down, Apologist.

COMTEs race mongering is well established. Try and keep up.
Check that: "children of sexual violence" insinuating "victim"
@21 "context of his ADULT comments and justifications"

Yes, he chooses, as a victim, to feel that he consented to being molested. How dare he! I'd much prefer that he have a great amount of guilt and shame over what happened!

Seriously, you exemplify the most basic characteristics of an abusive personality.

@22 Are... Are you now insinuating that he isn't a victim of sexual violence? Talk about a pedo lover!

Seriously, commit modulo. It'll exercise your mind.
Hmm, that was a weird autocorrect. I meant sudoku, not... modulo?

Oh for fuck sake. EITHER:

A) Takei DOESNT think he was a victim of molestation, in which case he's saying there are circumstances in which a 13 year old and an adult can have sex.


B) Takei DOES think that he was subjected to sexual violence, but goes-ahead and says that any wrongness is subject to the impression of a minor who isn't in a position or have the power in sexual relationship with an adult.

You're torturing yoursellf to not simply say the apparent: Takei is a scumbag.

Next up: Pelosi calls sexual exploiter Conyers "an icon"
Wow, you really don't have a firm grasp of the human psyche. Takei can believe what he wants for himself, it really doesn't matter. If it helps him get through the event, more power to him. Just as long as he doesn't apply his logic to anyone else. He's a victim and a victim has every right to define their abuse however they wish. It's our job, as a society, to enforce the laws despite what the victim may feel. For example, I don't care if a rape victim feels the perpetrator shouldn't go to jail. Their feelings are valid for themselves, perhaps because forgiveness is better than resentment, but the rest of society exists.

You do realize that you don't have to build your logic along absolutist lines, right? How old are you, anyway? 16? You argue like a high school student?
I'll cede the absolutist grounds to COMTE:
Men are bad.
Women are victims.
I was TOTALLY surprised when I heard GK defended Frankenstein, and now this... 🤯
I listened to PHC all my life, and met GK many times over the years. Im a young woman, and from my pov he always seemed so kind and polite to everyone. He’d stay long after every show until he could chat to every person waiting to talk to him. He always seemed so mellow, and gave thoughtful responses in his convos.
My mother & I are in mourning. 😔😣
#BelieveAllWomen 🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿
@19 et al:

That's some Kubrick-level, three-camera, wide-angle Cinemascope projection you've got going on their buddy. I don't suppose it ever occurred to you that many of the women you cite learned at the knees of men who were universally considered their masters, superiors, and instigators? And isn't Ryan Seacrest, who developed "Here Come The Kardasians" on the list of men accused of sexual misconduct? Well, of course he is! Go figure.

And hey, I'm not the one wallowing in absolutism; I never even mentioned it, did I?
When I saw the headline, I thought this article was a parody.

"Learned at the knees" ... Oh -- so the natural state of women is submission? Let's see you try and square that with a genders-are-equal message.

Or the inverse: That women are bad when it's learned. Whereas men are naturally bad.

Perhaps your crankiness is the fatigue of carrying conflicting arguments at all times.

Keep knitting vagina hats sista'!
Did Ted take over another screen name?
Zok & BJB,
This is excellent exchange. Seriously.

I don't hope either of you meet nor do I wish either of you ill will. But it is one of the more formidable debates on SLOG that I ever read. I've been on SLOG eight years too.

All i know is i used to cringe at the sound of his voice on Writers' Almanac. Pretentious and creepy at the same time.
It was an interesting, somewhat worthwhile debate; until @31 finally, inevitably jumped the shark.

@34, I always had the same reaction.