Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up


Really? First?
Anyone seen Geoffrey Rush statement regarding the STC allegation?

Even now--ESPECIALLY now--we must not forget that the accused have some rights too.

Please, let us not cause our massive sympathy for victims to utterly abdicate the right of the accused to respond to accusations. Particularly when the accuser is anonymous and the accusations are utterly free of specificity.

I think this should be reprinted and posted in every bar and boardroom in the world:

"Men don't move through their lives deflecting near-constant unwanted sexual attention, we aren't subjected to epidemic levels of sexual violence, and consequently we don't live the daily fear that we could be the victims of sexual violence at any time and in any place. Women do. So there is often a huge disconnect between what a man thinks he's doing and how a woman experiences what that man is doing—because her perceptions and shaped by the experience and fear of sexual violence. Some men are aware of these facts and it informs their approach in a positive way (they've worked out how to approach a woman in a way that feels safe and empowers her to say "no"); some men are aware of this and intentionally and maliciously exploit it to get what they want (they intimidate and pressure); the rest—perhaps most—are just oblivious to it."

Bravo again, Dan, for summing up the problem so perfectly!
BiDanFan @ 3 Amen!