Trump's World AIDS Day Proclamation Leaves Someone Out


In his defense, he's incredibly fucking stupid and simply may not be aware of any sort of correlation or relationship between homosexuality and AIDS.
Republicans don't give a shit about anyone who's not a white, straight, wealthy, christian male. What else is new.
@2 They don't have to be actually straight. Closeted self-hating anti-queer queers who only suck cock under airport bathroom stall dividers are good Republicans too.
I am shocked at this turn of events.
White, heterosexual, cis-gendered, sexually predatory men are the real victims here.
For those who might wonder, the following comes from Barack Obama's proclamation from 2016:

"Gay and bisexual men, transgender people, youth, black and Latino Americans, people living in the Southern United States, and people who inject drugs are at a disproportionate risk."

and this is the text from Obama's 2015 proclamation:

"Certain individuals -- including gay and bisexual men, Black women and men, Latinos and Latinas, people who inject drugs, transgender women, young people, and people in the Southern United States -- are at greater risk for HIV, and we must target our efforts to reduce HIV-related health disparities and focus increased attention on highly vulnerable populations."
On the one hand, this is a disgusting omission, but is there anyone here less than somewhat grateful he didn't discuss any of those groups?
No surprises.
lol @7. True. After watching the cringeworthy "honoring" of Navaho code talkers, where President Bonespurs lobbed racist insults while standing in front of a painting of Andrew Jackson, one can only imagine the shit show if he had actually tried to include gays and POC in his AIDS day remarks.
I thought we were all equally at risk for getting it. That's what they told us for years in school, that it isn't "the gay disease", so why mention any specific group?

Besides aren't we all on the gender spectrum anyway?
@10 Why don't you go look at the stats, then come back and talk to us. That is, unless you're just trolling; a bigot, or a drooling dotard! If so, feel free to never return.
On the positive side, he didn't call for quarantining all gay men.
I heard they invented this new fangled thing called a "condom". Not sure though. Might need to get the word out about these.