Another GOP Pol Makes the Mistake of Picking a Fight With Jimmy Kimmel


That would save his opponent a lot of time and money - why craft expensive attack ads when you can just air short clips of The Man Show for free?

Although... his hosting of Win Ben Stein's Money makes him more qualified with economic issues than modern Republicans.
moore picked a fight that his base loves, and since he'll shortly be in the senate, he's winning.

there's not a goddamn thing a hot-tubbing californian could say that would change a roy moore voter's mind. kimmel thinks women should be free to vote and git 'bortions. they won't even hear it.

someday, roy moore will die. one can only hope that they live to see that day.
Dan why are you awake so fucking early in the morning
I remember the time when I watched the late night shows for comedy and entertainment at the end of the day. Now it's becoming political commentary.
A pointy-headed coastal elite picking a fight with a god-fearing child molester only helps moore, who was going to win anyway. He might even claw back up to a double-digit win.
Whatever will Moore do without the support of legendary kingmaker Jimmy Kimmel?

I mean, if there is one thing that is sacred to southern conservatives, it is the wisdom of liberal late show hosts, and their sick burns.
Yeah, @5 is right. Picking a fight with Kimmel is brilliant for Moore.

Jones' path to winning is an environment where Alabamans are picking him as one of two Alabamans. Nationalizing the race, and tying Jones to "hollywood elites" or whatever, only helps Moore, regardless of how poorly he comes out of it to the rest of us.
Yeah.. if anything this helps Moore with his base in Bama.

Articles like this only reinforce that. Sad as it may be Dan Savage (or at least what he represents) scares lots of people down there more than the allegations against Moore.

Also lets not pretend Kimmel is a saint. At least one ex gf has said he was abusive. If he ran for office it wouldn't shock me if more stories came out. You really think there's not footage of him doing something terrible from his Man Show Days?
I love how they are all "Hollywood elites". Jimmy is from Nevada, close to Cliven Bundy and I think George Clooney is a waiter from Kentucky or something. None of these people are from LA, they all come from towns in Buttcrack Nowhere.
Yeah Kimmel is a funny guy to liberals. Liberals laugh and laugh about how dumb republicans are. Ha ha ha. Ho ho ho.

Meanwhile, republicans ignore democrats and keep electing worse and worse people while democrats destroy their own.

When, I wonder, will democrats wake the fuck up and start bringing guns to the gun fight? Probably never, since they're against guns too.

Republicans currently control all branches of the federal government and a large chunk of state governments too. You do realize they're going to increase that strength during the midterms and that Trump will win re-election in three years, right?

Still laughing?

By the way, you should already know this, but here it is again in case you were so busy laughing at the people in power that you forgot: To republicans, sexual abuse charges against their candidate is a feature, not a bug.
@4: jimmy fallon is your guy then.

myself, I'm in bed when those shows are on. I have a job.
I guess I'm pretty obviously in the minority here, but I feel like this kind of crap can make a difference. There's a couple huge universities down there that are populated by young folks -- maybe not die-hard progressive commies like us, but not 80 year old evangelical shit heads either. I've a great friend and liberal co-worker who met her husband while in grad school in Birmingham.

I said it before, but if Moore wins Alabama should be kicked out of the union to make room for DC, Guam or Puerto Rico.
@12 I'm with you. Kimmel isn't Jon Stewart, I imagine he has a pretty politically diverse base.
@10: I'm trying to figure out what you're trying to say, exactly, and the best I can come up with is that you're a Republican who's trying to discourage non-repubs from doing anything. I say this because the tactic of convincing people that their cause is hopeless, therefore causing fewer people to act and making it ACTUALLY hopeless, is well known and effective.

There's also the idea that you're actually trying to get people angry and contrary enough that they will fight back in the way you describe. But I can't find a single phrase in your post that could convince someone to do as you say. Maybe I'm missing some fine print text or a secret message or something, in which case I apologize. So I have to go with the simpler, more likely idea as described above.
@11, don't worry I'm retired and I record some shows, ya know recording has been around since the mid 70's.
The only reason this works if Kimmel humiliates Moore. However Moore will spin this in his favor.. Once again, Moore is running for Senate in Alabama, not California..
I'm basically just shouting at the rain. I don't expect anything I say/write will have any influence on anyone.

Politics in this country are depressing. I'm just ranting.

/definitely not a republican
//not a democrat anymore though either
///I think I'm done with voting
////this country deserves what it's going to get
Whoever is calling these sleaze bag men out, let them never stop while such scum is living off the public pocket.