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I can't help but feel like this whole dance is just another scheme to funnel taxes into the pockets of people who are already well-off.
From the headline and picture, I immediately assumed this was going to be a Mudede post
@3: Me too
Yes, I feel like this cycle repeats every 2 years or so... and homelessness gets worse while everyone thinks about it.
Yes indeed, it's like this: you feed your kid breakfast and he's hungry again for lunch, so what's the point in feeding him at all?
The city can stop persecuting the homeless and stop the sweeps (3 are arranged by the city this week) and start offering people decent shelter now and stop being hypocrites. Stop lying to the public and make sure you have a positive solution which is far more humane and economical such as the proven Housing First program. Producing more poverty and despair including more illness isn’t working for the people. Shut up and do it.
I don't see why we can't have many ways of reducing the homeless population. I would like to see a program where anyone without a physical address, if they get arrested or even ticketed, be given the option of paying the full amount of the fine/incarcerated the full length of sentence, OR, a bus ticket and some meal money to wherever else they would like to go. It would be far less expensive than chasing them around, plying them with services in an effort to get them to accept help they really do not want if it isn't simply handouts. WE owe these people nothing.
If the urbanists ever get their way, we'll all be living under tables. Tables stacked on top of other tables, 100 tables high. It's density! It's walkable! There'll be a bus station right outside, so we can all cram ourselves aboard that and ride to work!

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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