Weed or guns: Hawaii MMJ patients cant have both.
Weed or guns: Hawaii MMJ patients can't have both. LUMPPINI VIA GETTY IMAGES

It’s been one of those weeks where weed finds itself in some strange places and predicaments, like medical patients in Hawaii being ordered to give up their guns. At least cannabis business owners can get some relief through the new tax bill (which will fuck pretty much everyone else over). Read on...

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Hawaii MMJ Patients Ordered to Surrender Their Guns

The Honolulu Police Department sent letters to medical marijuana patients stating they must turn in their guns within 30 days. Even though medical marijuana is legal in the state, it’s still illegal under federal law—which means “an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance” is not allowed to purchase or own a firearm.

Gun ownership and legal weed is a grey area, but according to Leafly, this may be the first time any state has proactively ordered cannabis users to turn in their guns.

There’s a Tax Break for Weed Businesses in the New GOP Tax Bill

Buried in that horrible tax bill that’s probably going to be passed any minute now is a measure that would help pot businesses make more standard deductions on their businesses. Sponsored by US Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colorado), the measure would repeal an IRS provision that forces marijuana business to pay a higher tax rate of 65-75 percent, while other businesses only pay 15-30 percent, according to Forbes marijuana columnist Tom Angell.

More weird good news about the tax bill: this op-ed writer thinks that by eliminating the state and local tax deduction included in the new federal tax bill, "the Republican Congress and Donald Trump may be giving all of those states every incentive to legalize recreational marijuana today – and eventually legalize other drugs too."

Seattle Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Weed

The cop who would make at least $15,000 every time he drove cross-country with an RV full of weed (not suspicious at all) plead guilty to conspiracy to smuggling and conspiracy charges this week. Alex Chapackdee had been under surveillance since last year for helping out his brother-in-law with his smuggling operation. Chapackdee is taking a plea deal since he gave some pertinent info to the FBI when he was arrested.

Will Washington State EVER Get to Have Home Grows?

Ug, who the fucks knows? But if it doesn’t end up happening, the reason will probably have a lot to do with the state’s bottom line. From Leafly:

While the LCB report outlines a path for lawmakers to legalize homegrown cannabis, it’s hardly a full-throated endorsement. It actually provides plenty of fodder against legalizing homegrow, including warnings that “home grows have operated as a cover for the illicit market and diversion and could undermine the regulated system” and that “any approach that allows for private citizens to grow marijuana at home will carry considerable resource impacts and costs for regulation and enforcement.”

An Orange Walrus and a Green Narwhal Walk into a Pot Shop…

Henrys mural at Hashtag in Fremont: just beckoning kids to get high.
Henry's mural at Hashtag in Fremont: just beckoning kids to get high. Hashtag Cannabis - Fremont/FACEBOOK

Support The Stranger

Beloved local muralist Henry is best known for his colorful, whimsical public art seen in many locations around town. But one of his murals, painted on the side of Hashtag, a pot store in Fremont, recently caused a stir. In September, the LCB said the mural of an orange walrus and a green narwhal may be too appealing to children, and sent them a violation notice.

Hashtag co-owner Logan Bowers told the Seattle Times that it’s ridiculous: “Is a child going to walk by, see a fish on the side of a building and then conclude he’s going to smoke marijuana? Do children pound hard liquor if the grocery store looks too nice?”

After an inquiry by the Times, the LCB dropped the violation.

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