Senate Passes Tax Bill


That's what you get when you build a society that prays to money.
Now to wait and see how many comments it takes for someone to think I'm advocating Jesus or some shit.
You know, people like to compare Trump to Hitler and Mussolini, but I think he's shaping up to be more like this guy . . .…

Groucho would totally have called Kim Jong-in "little Rocket Man."
And I fuckin' KNOW that the Stein-voting hipster nihilists I know will STILL say that there's 'no difference' between the two parties. They are worse than the Fox/Murdoch/Limbaugh crowd.
So Susan Collins of Maine voted yes. Wow.

Good Republicans know that an economy that hurts the poor, hurts everyone.
“Good republicans” is a contradiction in terms. Unless you mean “good” like Nazis were “good” at following orders.
@5 & 6 I think many Republicans see progressive taxation as fundamentally immoral. Why should the rich be punished simply for being rich?
RepubliKKKans have gone full fascist kleptocracy, period. This is what it's like when a hostile, racist power seizes control of a country.

That said, if November 2017 was a preview, voters are going to terminate the GOP as we know it in 2018 and 2020. With a bit of luck, demographic changes will make it logistically impossible for them to win national elections in future.

People have lived/are living through far worse in this nation than the tax bill, so let's keep our perspective here. Laws can be repealed, injustices can be challenged. At this point in our political civil war, we're gonna be OK if we can avoid an economic collapse or another land war in Asia.
Their donors are the only people they care about.
Anyone contact CM Sawant to see if she still thinks a protest vote against HC was a good idea?
@11: Anyone contact Clinton primary voters to see if they still think voting for a guaranteed loser was a good idea?

These people were oblivious to the fact that Clinton was one of the most hated politicians in the history of this country prior to running, oblivious to the fact that ~75% of all primary votes across both parties went to anti-establishment candidates when Clinton was the consummate establishment candidate, oblivious to the fact that Sanders platform performed better in the rustbelt and midwest, and oblivious to how much their own sneering condescension alienated swing voters and independents.

If you want to blame anyone, blame Clinton primary voters. The most infuriating part of 2017 has been watching these dead-eyed, smarmy fucks claim to lead the "#Resistance" while making digs at the candidate and platform that would have defeated Trump, all while Sanders and grassroots leftists have been fighting the hardest and most effectively.
That was @10
The final bill will be typed in Comic Sans.
Tragic and sad and such deluded greedy selfish blind people. What happened to McCain, right. No hero there.
Guess they won't mind if trump goes now, they've got what they wanted.
“On the backs of the poor”. You mean the 47% net negative tax “payers”?

Tighten your belts or start teaching your kids to stay in school, not have kids before marriage, and get a job.
"With a bit of luck, demographic changes will make it logistically impossible for them to win national elections in future."

The only national election we have is for president, and the Electoral College gives disproportionate power to small mostly white rural states.
There are only two ways for us to beat the Republicans in the only national contest we have.
We either have to get rid of the Electoral College, Or democrats need to show up to vote every election.
If Hillary Clinton have gotten as many votes as Barack Obama got in 2012 she would wave won easily.

If Democrats want to start winning they need to get out and vote, every election.
As it is right now, too many Democrats only vote for president, and they only vote for president when they have a charismatic candidate to vote for.

As long as the majority of people voting are old white people, Republicans are going to continue to win.
@11 Hillary Clinton, AKA Al Gore 2.0

That's some pretty tough talk coming from someone who spent years of their life as a homeless Junkie.

Just so you know, I'm saying this is one of the 53% of Americans who pay taxes.

And just in case you didn't know, unemployment is at a 40-year low, and we have been at near full employment for over 2 years now.

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg both dropped out of college by the way.

Both Ronald Reagan and George W Bush new enough to give a decent amount of the tax cuts to the middle and working class.
This new crop of Republicans aren't that smart, and neither are you.
All the rest of the Trump circus that has people so worked up is smoked and mirrors. This tax bill is the end of America as a middle class egalitarian society.

Just ask our GINI index - 32 in 1967, about the same as Canada's today. Canada is a middle class country. Now the US GINI index is 42. Mexico is 47. Mexico is a virtual oligarchy. Our distribution of wealth is already twice as close to Canada as Mexico. At those numbers out status as a middle class country is on life support.

And now this tax bill, which will inarguably accelerate our descent into radical bifurcation and oligarchy. We will now simply become Mexico plus, or more accurately Argentina, a country with so much capital concentrated at the top that it is impossible for it to ever have broadly positive social conditions without revolution, and that also nearly certainly leads to more misery.

So go ahead and kiss America of the Great Again variety goodbye folks. It died in December 2017. Brace yourself for more of the bad that comes with radical inequality.
@12 Clinton voters aren’t elect Representatives of Seattle. As a council member, CM Sawant has a duty to look out for the good of Seattle. Writing op-eds against Clinton only hurt Seattle. CM Sawant can write all the national op-eds she wanted during the primaries, but once it was HC vs Trump, anything anti-clinton was pro-trump. CM Sawant choose to write an national op-ed during the main race that was anti-HC, so we can only assume she was fine with what the Republicans are doing.
@7: Taxation is not punishment. Yes, we all know that stat that Rush likes to point to that the rich pay most of the income tax revenue. But, how in the world could the economy survive if the government operated from revenue streams based equally across all income levels?

Taxation must be applied equitably in accordance with accommodations of ability to pay based on a citizen's income.
@20: Clinton primary voters and supporters are all over Seattle; they too had a duty to look out for the country, the city, and themselves. They failed. They nominated a candidate that lost to someone who was ultimately a stupider Bond villain. You really can't draw a more direct line of fault than that, aside from people who actually voted for Trump. So, really, if we're going be rational about blaming people, it should look something like this:

1). Trump voters.
2). Clinton primary voters.
3). Hillary Clinton's campaign mismanagement.
4). People who didn't vote.
5.) People who voted for Jill Stein.

I can't agree that anything anti-Clinton is pro-Trump. That's a chilling level of censorship, and follows a Bush-like logic: You're either with us or against us. Also, I can't for a second believe that elected Democrats would have remained uncritical of Sanders policies if he was running against Trump.
@7 KM

It's not taxation as punishment by a long shot. It is a fact that the more money you have, the more money, chance of investment opportunities, ability to hide your money, personal influence and access to others people of influe de, and "connections" you have. The wealthy have access to better healthcare (both covered and not covered by health insurance), education, housing, food, and other basic necessities of life. The wealthy have more social and political influence. The wealthy are able to hide and/or invest their "surplus" money. Money begets money. Money opens doors.

Sorry for the redundancies.

Oh, Adam. Don’t you have a “I saw a dick I didn’t want to see” support group to attend?”

I’m smart enough to own my own successful business. Are you? I fought my way through my demons and have a beautiful self determined life. You still work in the salt mines for minimum wage at the whim of a dick wrangler.

None of the comment directly above is true.
@22 its a two party system. Anything that takes votes away from one party helps the other. Jill stien voters could’ve swung the election in a lot of split states. But hey if you’d rather have a protest vote thats your right, just do us all a favor and shut the fuck up about what happens the next 4 years. HC wouldve been the exact same as Obama policy wise.

People that cry about bernie losing the primaries are just as bad as people crying about HC losing the election despite winning he popular vote. We all knew the rules at rhe start of the election, fuck we had 8 years under obama that ppl could’ve changed them. No one cares until they lose. Well grow the fuck up. The republicans won cause us lefties where too busy infighting and we wanted a cool leader, we couldn’t be fuckin grown ups when life handed us a very experienced leader that had the same policy positions as the last guy that we all fucking loved, cause HC didn’t have “chrisma”. Who know who elects uncool, uncharsmatic leaders all the fucking time, the gop.
100% of americans pay taxes. Income tax is not the only one we pay.

You do realize we have absolutely no inclination to believe a word you say - unless you want to publish your tax returns, why should we? Oh, right. Because nobody ever lies on teh Interwebs. Sorry, forgot about that truism.
The reason they are offended by progressive taxation is that they think life is fair. A man who makes $300,000 is ten times better than one who makes $30,000. If you suggest that the guy making ten times a much pay a larger proportion, you’re increasing his burden because you don’t really think he is ten times smarter and hardworking and braver and honest.

But... That. Can’t. Be. Life is fair. It IS fair!!! He must deserve every penny of that $300,000. No questions asked. He must. To even suggest he doesn’t is a non-starter. Believing life is fair is EVERYTHING to conservatives. Everything.

Wise up, babies. Life is not fair.
O Muffy...just like blip said - everyone pays taxes especially the poor they pay the largest percent of their income in taxes. You are an idiot if you think there aren’t educated and employed poor people or poor people looking to improve themselves. This proves that you know NOTHING about this plutocracy. Also nothing about class, racism, gender discrimination, that takes place everyday in corporate capitalism which is designed to keep many out. Insult the most oppressed what a cheap shot that is.
@11,22 - lol, no. The green tea party is just as cultish as their conservative partners and, in the end, they accomplish the same things. These are the people who whine about the Citizens United decision but will actively work against those who could do something about it.

You know, like you.
"... work in the salt mines for minimum wage at the whim of a dick wrangler."

Jesus christ man, are you in freaking middle school? Do you actually hang out with people who think this kind of crap is clever or funny? Are they in middle school?

@7 - That see it that way because Republicans are idiots who believe their fantasies more than the real world.

If anything, we punish the poor and reward the rich. In the real world, paying 10% a year in taxes is a much larger impact on someone making $14k/yr than someone making $140k regardless of the actual amount paid.

Nobody showed me their dick, like I told you before.
I was 17 years old, and my boss begged me to suck my dick.

I didn't do anything to deserve being harassed.

You chose to be a junkie.

I don't work for minimum wage.
In fact, I make more money than the average American.
I pay taxes, and I don't have a problem with it.
I'm very lucky. I don't have the financial problems that most Americans do.

Unlike you, I don't blame people who are less fortunate then I am.
The average American can't even afford a $400 emergency.

You think that you're better than people who have to work for minimum wage.
That goes to show that you're still as big a scumbag as you were when you were a junkie living on the street.

Oh yeah, good job avoiding every point I made.
Of course there was no way for you to address though, because everything I said was true.

One other thing, if you really had such a beautiful self determine life, you wouldn't be such an asshole.
@24 - Hey muffy, do you lie as much as or more than the president? Asking for a friend.
Wondering why people think any of this has to do with, not so much 'the far left' (at term which is often aimed moreso by the right at the Clinton sector than the Bernie sector), but the part of the left that is more discriminating about the monies that candidates are tied up in, and how that affects their practices in politics at any number of levels from the local to national stage.

What rules in Congress are fights between monied interests that have people at the lower echelons of society whooped up over their relative peanuts people are scrambling for. The GOP have their hands on one or more of these groups, while the Democrats have theirs on others. You can see this most clearly with respect to the insurance mandate which is grossly unjust since you are basically making people who can't afford insurance contribute to lowering other people's premiums while they have no access to health care themselves. It is true what Obama said when he ran against Clinton in 08 - and won - in large part also because he didn't support the mandate, accurately describing it as "trying to solve homelessness by forcing people to buy (or rent)" - and, IOW, making those people pay for other people's mortgages or rents when they can't afford it themselves.

But why is the mandate so big in the news? Well for one the same reasons it's so hard to get single payer in the U.S. The insurance sector has such a vise grip control over media and propaganda, and on social media, these days, too. To the point that you see people who are generally caring individuals, and believe in wealthier portions of society carrying their due weight - jumping up and down over a 10 percent increase that is really carried by people who can't get insurance or health care themselves. They're in a worse position than that individual is. And when you think rationally about this .. if 10 percent is that horrible for you - why would you yourself want to be bound by a mandate? Needless to add, the mandate is extremely unpopular across the board and party lines. They should ax it.

This kind of craze and irrational approach - dictated by the corporate propaganda machinery continues in other areas. To blame this, for example, on Kshama Sawant or Jill Stein, is not logical, either since Clinton won in Washington State. So KS or JS had no impact on Trump winning here. KS, too, is a city level political leader. She isn't being listened to on the national stage - not really on the state level either. As for JS, there isn't one state where she obtained a large enough margin to be considered "the reason why" Clinton didn't win. But even if she did - so what? Her positions on the issues are far superior to Clinton. She's a far better candidate. She doesn't take corporate money, she supports single payer, universal basic income, slashing military funding, she has a plan for abolishing the student debt, transitioning out of fossil fuels to a green-based economy like our European allies. In my opinion, it is not rational to attack this candidate.

Let's continue this rational examination of the situation. Clinton, as a candidate - may have even colluded with Trump. Look at this: the Clintons encouraged him to enter the race; then, they colluded with MSM to make Trump the GOP nominee. Then, she didn't bother to campaign hard enough in the swing territories, fully dropping the ball, even when she was advised that this was a key matter - and by people, too, in the Bernie camp. They told them they were offended by such a suggestion - that she might lose if she didn't pound the pavement harder - offended? By constructive criticism as to how to win? And when she's a long experienced politician? It's like she checked out on reality ... exactly what you might see on a smaller scale if an athlete is paid to throw the competition and lose. And she's had some very sleazy characters involved in her P.R. and campaigning - not really campaign management.

People say Bernie "would have won," and Obama himself said, "I would have won." IOW, they wouldn't have dropped the ball so hard - and such an important election against this kind of person.

You have all this information about how she unbelievably helped Trump advance and unbelievably dropped the ball - all while stating what a threat and terror this man would be in the White House. So .. if he's a sociopathic maniac and dire threat to the U.S and the entire planet .. what does this make Clinton who knows this yet helps him get there?

It's time to move on people. This is all just finishing us more with the Democrats. What do they offer us? They set it up so the GOP could go in. If they had passed, for example, single payer in 09 when they had the Prez, the Senate, and the House, none of this would be happening today - and they would still control all three. But some people are not facing the realities of who and what the Democrats mostly are about. The money is so contaminating our political system. Look, you had 3 Democrats refuse to vote for Bernie Sander's amendment to this horrid bill that would have protected Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. But still, for some reason, you have these Clinton fans "out there," attacking Bernie instead.

I've never seen more irrational people. But not just on the Trump side - the Clinton side, too.

I don't have time to proofread this, so I hope anyone patient enough to read it, overlooks all the typo stuff.

WTFU people. We do need to vote for people who are not in bed with this money and correct on the issues. Attacking them is not the way out of this vise grip ordinary people are stuck in with corporate money. Thought corporate money would like you to think so. You're playing right into their game.
Well done Adam Kadman. As a poor person i highly appreciate your comment.
@36 P.S. Also, on KS, she was instrumental in getting the 15/hr raise in this area. That is an enormous accomplishment. It actually has spurred and aided development at local and state levels in other areas, even though people aren't aware of her, elsewhere. If you are supportive of this issue, why would you attack this person? The fact that you have this corporate propaganda - oh, she's hard to work with - she's unyielding, won't compromise - she's not nice enough - well, too bad for them, right? How do you think she moved this stuff forward, to begin with? Do you think the Democrats have been moving things forward with their "superior savoir faire?" We see where that got us, right? Trump is president right now. Whether I even like KS on a personal level is pretty irrelevant to me as a voter - and, IMO, it should be to you, too. Hey, I don't eat breakfast w KS. I don't sit next to her in an office. Maybe I would like it - maybe I wouldn't. It's not the point. She got the job done - to hell with how happy they are or aren't as they take taxpayer money - and btw, she doesn't take as much, either. I mean, get meaner, people, but about the right things.
What are muffy's demons? Drug addiction?

And what is muffy's successful business?
You can't spell "This tax bill is revolting" without "tax revolt".
Meanwhile in Australia.. Barnaby bad boy Joyce was returned with a big majority. He won't last long though, he's very red faced all the time. Beetroot is his nick name.

I sure hope young progressives in the US are getting ready to stand for elections and please, everybody vote. Get these fuckers out, every last stinking one of them.
Trump supporters will know now, how much he's played them.
Funny how a post mainly about how the tax code should be kind and beneficial to the downtrodden poor is filled with dumbasses tying to insult each other by calling them poor, and other dumbasses trying desperately to make people believe they are not poor.

Why don't you all just post your tax returns so you can know each other's financial standings, and then you will know exactly how much worth each other has. Not hypocritical at all!
Wanted to check the accuracy of my previous post, so just looked again at the CIA's updated statistics on wealth distribution (GINI coefficient). It's worse than I remembered:

Canada: 32
Argentina: 46
USA: 47
Mexico: 48

Holy shit. We already have basically the same ratio of rich vs poor as Mexico.

Think about how you think about Mexico, a nation of few yachting haves and masses of poor, all underwritten by corruption, with seething violence, ugly social problems, no social safety net. Bat-blind ideologues still proclaim we are an egalitarian middle-class country where everyone who simply tries can make, and "failure" is the result of simply being lazy, that's a fantasy unless you look at Mexico and think the same think - which is obviously idiotic.

The mythology is persistent, but the bald facts show we ALREADY aren't a land of opportunity, regardless of how effectively that mythology is operationalized by the right. We are a northern province of Latin American-style plutocracy.

And now this tax bill, which will quickly plunge us PAST MEXICO in terms of wealth inequality. Think about that - among our contiguously neighboring nations WE will be the least equal. We are NOTHING like Canada. With the new tax bill we are racing to catch up to Brazil and the least equal parts of sub-Saharan Africa in term of wealth inequality.

It's beyond disgusting; these insanely greedy fuck head super rich pigs in the top 1/10 of the 1% make me want to vomit. This tax bill is truly the end of America - stick a fucking fork in her. If you held any illusions about who we are and where we live go ahead recalibrate your compass.
Last note, I feel awful for the absolute skull-fucking this tax bill gives grad students. The Republican are such a bunch of vindictive monsters. Definitely they way they're punishing you and trying to make fewer of you is on purpose - they know you're a threat and so you're being targeted. Sucks.
This country can go to hell. This place deserves exactly what it's gonna get.

You just can't be happy unless you're the biggest troll on SLOG, can you.

At least muffy's original post was about taxes.
He at least waited for someone to challenge his initial assertions before he broke out the ad hominem attacks.

Of course you lead off with the ad hominem attacks.
You don't even bother to pick a side, you just attack everyone.
I guess that helps you to feel Superior to all of us.

Teddy, you win the biggest troll of the thread award hands down.
I give your comment
A perfect 5 out of 5.

Your hypocrisy is truly mind blowing.
Congratulations dumbass.
Republicans pass a bad tax bill in the senate.

Clintonites: This wouldn’t have happened if you had elected our QUEEN.

Berners: This wouldn’t have happened if you tried to push through your queen and failed.

Semi-Republicans: Why could you all have worked together to stop us?

Assholes: You’re too poor to understand this. Well, you’re too rich to understand this. Fuck you junky, I was sexually harassed.

Well, for once you seem to be staying true to your handle - EVERYONE IS TO BLAME - excepting of course yourself I presume?
Not a fan of this tax bill for soooo many reasons.

@1, "Build a society"? Maybe its inherent, unchangeable, human nature that has us "pray to money". Other societies put better checks on human nature.

@7, Progressive taxation and regressive taxation are both fundamentally immoral (although the latter is arguably more so). It is immoral for a town of 10 with 1 very wealthy person, to have a mob of 6 go to the wealthy person's home and demand, at gunpoint, that he "give" some of his wealth to the town for a town swimming pool. It is coercively taking wealthy person's money against their will. It is the crime of robbery. If you have an election, and six people vote for a tax, that only the wealthy person would pay (e.g. a higher rate that only the top 10% of taxpayers pay, that just happens to produce enough revenue for that community pool), and the wealthy person doesn't pay up, you send a treasury agent to seize the tax at gunpoint. All that has been done is to change the mechanism (an election and hiring a treasury agent to do the dirty work) of forcefully getting the money. I like Oregon's tax system. Nearly everyone in Oregon pays the same percentage of income for state and local taxes (I hate Washington's). Everyone has the same proportion of their income in the game when they decide to expand or contract government, and the wealthy you are, the larger your contribution (both in nominal dollars and percentage of the government budget) to a civilized society.

@27 FTW!

@29, Luck or happenstance, not just talent plays a large role. But the over 70% of millionaires, who got that way without inherited wealth, got that "luck". If they got it, why are we entitled to coercively take it from them for our benefit? It is there luck, not ours. I strongly favor income taxes that everyone pays, even ones that are mildly progressive, to make up for the regressive taxes, so that everyone winds up paying roughly the same percentage of income to support civilized society, regardless of income. But a fair system takes all taxes paid, by every income level, in whatever form, divides by income, and has everyone paying very close to the same effective rate.

@48 actually, no. I agree with the Berners, but repeating their sentiment here is about as helpful as the Clintonites repeating their sentiment.

I forgot, there’s also the people who like to bitch about people bitching about people bitching about people bitching. I guess that means you think you’re better than me because you don’t seem to think I’m wrong, but feel the need to bitch about it anyways? *sigh* At least you didn’t try to score points by calling me poor or a junky or whatever, like some others around here do. They’re the worst.

I suppose it would be pointing out the obvious to note that your comment above falls at the tail end of that "people bitching about people bitching about people bitching..." progression. To paraphrase Luke 4:23: "commentor, explain to thyself".
I hope you're counting yourself in the asshole camp.

Yeah, muffy brought up the fact that I was sexually harassed by my boss as a teenager.
I was responding to an ad hominem attack, I didn't bring it up.
I did bring up the fact that he was a homeless Junkie, and for good reason.
He shits on the homeless and people struggling with drug addiction all the time, even though he's been affected by them himself.
In my opinion that is the height of hypocrisy.
When I mention it it's not because I look down on people who are homeless or have substance abuse issues, I bring it up to try to remind him that he used to be in that position himself, and maybe, just maybe, he'll remember that he didn't get out of that position because people called him a worthless scumbag.
You know, maybe if he's able to see himself in other people he'll have a little empathy for them.
If not, maybe it'll make him feel bad about himself.
He definitely deserves to feel bad about himself.

As for you, I've been reading your stupid shitposts for over a year now.
You've jumped ship from The Bernie or bust crew, and joined the"look at me I'm so much smarter than all the rest of you, politics are pointless now and all the rest of you are too stupid to see it" crowd.

I don't agree with you.

I voted for Bernie in the primary, because I thought he was the best choice.
I voted for Hillary in the general because I thought she was the best choice.

You voted for Stein because you wanted to make a statement.
The statement you actually made was "I'll vote for anybody, even an idiot, as long as they say things I like to hear."
Guess what?
That is the exact same statement that every Trump voter made.

In post 50 you said you agree with the Berners.
You do realize that Bernie wanted you to vote for Hillary, right?

You're fucking pathetic.
It is funny to me to hear how republican voters are so stupid for voting against their own interest and all the while Dem voters picking Hillary Clinton are either just as duped or 100% on the greed train to fuck the poor with a "kinder" wealth redistribution and economic strangling for the unlucky class.
@52 Eh. If I read the thread right, you’re the one who jumped right in with calling Muffy a former homeless junky before you he brought up your being sexually harassed. You’re the worst.
@54: Ironic how a guy with "calm your tits" in his avatar is constantly posting long winded, poorly formatted tantrums about the grave injustice of someone disrespecting his dumbass opinions online.

The hypocrisy of calling out ad hominem attacks as he makes them is just the hilarious icing on the cake.

So calling someone a homeless junkie, who admits that they were a homeless Junkie, is in your mind worse then disparaging 47% of the country for being poor?

In case you haven't noticed this isn't the first interaction Muffy and I have had.
It's not the first interaction Teddy and I have had either.

Yes, I said something mean to someone online.
I know, it's earth-shattering, right?

You've spent the last year telling us how much you supported Bernie by doing the exact opposite of what he asked you to do.
Now you're on a holier-than-thou kick, pointing out to everyone your superior internet etiquette.
That's just so adorable.
You sure seem hung up on my avatar their Teddy.
I guess you're not a fan of the Trailer Park Boys.
Oh well, to each his own.

I'm not surprised that you think my opinions are dumb, especially considering the fact that my opinion of you isn't very high.
Seriously though, formatting?

You're off your trolling game today Teddy.

I have to admit, I'm still curious as to what your opinion is about the Republican tax cuts.
It seems strange to me that you wouldn't share some of your thoughts about it, especially since that's what this thread is for.

I certainly don't agree with muffy, but at least he came here to discuss the topic at hand.

You just came here to troll.
Of course that's not surprising, it is all you ever do.
Shit, you're trolling here on Slog is infamous.
That comment you made about Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week, that was a troll Masterpiece there buddy.
You really deserved the shout out from Dan on that one.

If you keep delivering quality work like that, Putin may even give you a raise.
Shit, he may even give you the Troll of the Year award.

I'm just laughing at the people bitching here, instead of organizing a committee to gather torches and pitch-forks, and build guillotines. We need less bitching in the working class, and more lobbing flaming bags of dog shit at Republican offices across the country. We need to tell major banks and financial institutions to oppose the tax bill, or face revolutionary justice. It is time to start organizing a real revolution.

Workers of the World, UNITE!
Meanwhile, in Australia.. Milo has landed, sweet gold jacket and all. Been invited to speak in one of the rooms in our Parliament House no less. We got some classy politicians, real classy. And the demonstrations against him have started, creaming his jeans no doubt. These silly colonials, don't they know his flame is out.
Successful general contracting business. Make 6 figures a year. Have multiple employees who love what they do, make great wages, and are personal friends of myself and my family. And I welcome the changes to the tax code.

Of course the losers on this site wouldn’t believe I have a successful business. They’re incapable of creating one themselves and jealous of anyone who can. And Adam, I’m absolutely an asshole here. That has no bearing on who I am in my personal life. I assume you don’t run the streets disparaging junkies in their plight, but are perfectly willing to vindictively laugh about my past here based on a difference of political beliefs.

God bless the internet.
Is this necessary guys? All this chest thumping. Can't you see that is most of the problem, men getting into aggro competition with each other. Closer to war with nth Korea, I read.
muffy, why are you even here? You obviously have little empathy for your fellow Americans.
And what are you on about greenwood Bob,
yes, it's time for strong counter action. Not like that though. More bloodshed?
The French know how to do it. They down tools and march thru the streets. Then their unions are strong.

I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have weaponized you or substance abuse issues, but I was angry.
You see, I grew up poor.
I was lucky enough to escape the slum I grew up in.
It wasn't because I stayed in school, or because I waited until I got married to have children.
It was luck.
Sure, I did stay in school, and I did wait until I got married to have children.
Lots of the kids I grew up with stayed in school and waited until they were married to have children too, but they're still stuck in the slum.

I'm glad that you've done well for yourself, but you show a disturbing lack of empathy for those who haven't been as lucky as you.

Supply-side economics is a failure.
Voodoo Economics.
It has never worked, and it's not going to work this time.

@63, Empathy for those that have not moved out of the slums is no substitute for actual policies that move people out of slums. Empathy or no empathy is a "meh". Evidence based policies that get results is all that matters.
This is really being hammered by the news media but I just read an article in the Washington Post where they looked back at 50 years of tax plans past by several administrations (democrat and republican alike) and this is not close to the largest. Also, it was interesting to hear that this tax plan would give corporations in USA the same tax rate as in Europe. I had always thought Europe was higher in taxes. That Arctic Wildlife Refuge Oil Drilling, though, has got to go!!!!

Well, until you actually, oh I dunno, publish a link to your web site, or your business phone number, or BBB listing, or literally anything that would actually verify your statement, please explain why we SHOULD believe you? Oh, right. Because you say so. Yeaaaaah, that's not going to happen. As I said before, any anonymous troll can easily make up shit about themselves, but without actually having to be able to prove it, it don't mean squat.

Because, unlike some around here, some others of us aren't credulous rubes who believe anything someone types, just because they type it. I'll bet YOU would be just as skeptical were the shoe on the other foot.
People need to get together and fight back. There is a poor peoples campaign starting up.
Maybe check it out? The sixties movements accomplished a lot of positive change and that was under Nixon.

Muffy you are such a bore. No one is impressed. Success is not material to real people.
Good compilation, Dan.