The Morning News: Trump & Trouble, California & Flames, Cake & Court, Protesters & Durkan


[cringing] Careful, Dan. Careful.
Republicans are for tyranny.
How rude of Seattle not to build high density apartment buildings to increase energy efficiency staring from the nineteenth century, instead they had the gall to build individual houses.
Wow, the party of lying, treason, and Tdumbp can't even kleptocracy right.

This is a big problem. The Senate bill brings the normal corporate rate down to 20 percent — while leaving the alternative minimum rate at … 20 percent. The legislation would still allow corporations to claim a wide variety of tax credits and deductions — it just renders all them completely worthless. Companies can either take no deductions, and pay a 20 percent rate — or take lots of deductions … and pay a 20 percent rate.

With this blunder, Senate Republicans have achieved the unthinkable: They’ve written a giant corporate tax cut that many of their corporate donors do not like. As The Wall Street Journal reports:

… Murray Energy Corp., an Ohio-based firm and the largest privately held U.S. coal-mining company, complained that the AMT decision and the Senate’s tougher limits on interest deductions made a “mockery out of so-called tax reform.” Robert Murray, the company’s chief executive officer, said the Senate tax plan would raise his company’s tax bill by $60 million.

“What the Senate did, in their befuddled mess, is drove me out of business and then bragged about the fact that they got some tax reform passed,” Mr. Murray said in an interview Sunday. “This is not job creation. This is not stimulating income. This is driving a whole sector of our community into nonexistence.”

The GOPKKK's incompetence is incredible.
"When the president does it, that means it is not illegal."

Now where have I heard this from before?
@4 While I don't doubt that the GOP wrote a stupid-ass bill, Bob Murray lies with each breath he takes. This is the asshole suing John Oliver for the squirrel bit.…
@7: He'd be forced to resign in disgrace. He wouldn't be elected to the Senate. That's my point, asshole.
@7, are the citizens of such an "UberLeft" city planning to elect such an individual, having known about the accusations, the way the pedophiles of Alabama are planning on doing?

Your whataboutisms are pretty weak here. But then again, "weak" is you in a nutshell.
F Durkan protesters. Seattle spoke, we voted for Durkan. Not Nikkita, not Moon. Nope! We voted for Durken, and she won by what was it, 20 points?

Of course these degenerate protesters are going to b*tch and moan. Wait, when aren't they?
@4 That's actually one of the very few laudatory aspects of the bill. The corporate tax rate should not be a byzantine function of how clever your accountants are and how effectively your industry's lobbyists have scored loop holes. A single unified corporate tax rate is a good thing, it should just be significantly higher than 20%.
@4,12: Though, to be clear, it doesn't seem like this was an intentional decision, just the result of Republican blundering randomly stumbling on a reasonable policy. They will probably end up just lowering the AMT to bring those sweet industry kick backs.
@11: Are you suggesting that because of Ed Murray, it is OK for Roy Moore to molest teenagers?

And FYI: The allegations against Murray were not generally known to the public when he ran for office, when the allegations became known some Murray supporters did behave shamefully Sydney Brownstone has written quite eloquently on the subject.
@11 link to your 2012 blog about Murray or go away, bud.
The turn-around time between republicans disavowing and subsequently re-avowing candidates is getting shorter and shorter. We’re watching republicans accept their fate as the party of rape and child molestation in real time, which is as appalling as it is unsurprising.
Dan or Eli, is the Stranger's listing of their Seattle political ads online, or do I need to come to your office?
Little Known Fact(tm): The President of the USA is actually chosen & appointed by God his/herself (God is non-gender specific, right?). So El Prez literally can do nothing wrong.
The only [question] is whether we're going to succeed in killing absolutely everything else first.
Ok, turn down the hyperbole dial a little bit there Dan. Life on Earth has survived at least 5 great cataclysms, and still it persisted. We have critters that can survive exposure to the vacuum of space and wake back up when conditions are right. There are bacteria living 2.5 miles down inside the Earth's crust, using radiation to derive food. There is nothing short of either a nearby gamma ray blast (that we'd never see coming anyway), or the Sun going nova and melting the entire planet that will "kill absolutely everything". There's no way humans could "kill everything". None. We're just not that powerful. Cause great damage, sure. We could also kill all of us, definitely. Unlikely, but possible.

Regardless, the future will see a more biologically impoverished world. That's already true.

The Georgia Guidestones suggest keeping the Earth's (human) population under 100,000,000.

Seems reasonable.
@17 Good luck getting that information out of the Stranger, I've been asking.

You can sift through independent expenditure reports and more or less piece it together.

Here's one example, a $10,750 ad buy in the Stranger:…{3607A078-AFBF-4557-9A44-9B2D9BB8E6FD}
P.S. Trump actually has FIVE children from three different mothers, not four. Poor Tiffany. She’s the one to watch — she’ll visit Trump Tower and a week later his taxes and phone recordings with Putin will suddenly leak to the press. (Doubt he’s doing it at the White House but Trump claims he records all of his Trump Tower phone calls.) Tiffany will get her revenge for,always being slighted. She’s gonna bring him down.
@19 if you ask the receptionist at the Facebook office they could give you a letter to crib from!
@20 today I learned Donald Trump has a sister, who was a judge. Nominated originally by Reagan, and later by Clinton to an appeals court.
#10 Jenny Durkan has a past that comes back to bite her. She had activists put in prison with no charges after using a sex offender to inform on the activist community (he was paid ten thousand dollars) and put innocent people in solitary for months and that is not all. If you experienced that you might be upset. There was no need to arrest the protester he had already left the book store.

Lets see if she stops the sweeps of the homeless after she made a pledge with former mayoral candidate Oliver to do so.

Why don't the protesters show more courtesy and allow the new mayor to get acquitted with her job?
While it is very exciting to see the prospect of Trump being proven guilty of a crime (lord is it exciting), let's not forget that: 1 ) To remove Trump from office, he will almost certainly have to be impeached first, 2) being guilty of a crime is neither necessary nor sufficient for impeachment 3) the Republican congress right now is one of the most hyper-partisan of all time, without much apparent respect for anything but staying in power, and thus cannot be relied upon to impeach Trump, regardless of what evidence comes to light. All that is to say, if we want Trump gone, we *must* flip Congress in 2018.