Glassdoor Just Released Their 100 Best Places to Work: Facebook Is No. 1; Amazon Didn’t Make the List At All


It may be the "best place to work", but their workers are uniquely oriented to creating new ways to keep people clicking on stuff inside Facebook. Not the most holy of goals, imho.
@1, +
agreed, labor goals over all else - yay Facebook, I'm sure they have great sushi at lunch. they are also piping a shit form of personally relating into normalcy
In ‘n’ Out is #4? That’s kind of awesome.
You people are just depressing sometimes. We're number 30! That's pretty cool.
Anyone whose worked at Amazon could have told you that..

I've never seen another work environment where it was normal to hear things like "I don't give a F*&k if you kid is sick do your JOB!!" and "do you want to go to the funeral or do you want to have a job here next week?" screamed throughout the office.

Obviously the IT jobs are cushier than the warehouse one's but it's still an incredibly unpleasant work environment.