Week in Weed: An Oregon Pot Lab Owner Outed as a Possible Neo-Nazi, the U.S. Army Issues Pot Waivers, and More


Bitch, if you are typing into twitter, you have not, in fact, been lynched.
We know what you are. Liar. Your cohorts got the air taken out of their balloon in 1945. Its not about being proud of who you are is it? Its a fascist, genocidal scheme of control.

We will stop you. Period.
Thanks again to the AntiFA for doing what a healthy media would be doing, and throwing light onto the Nazis that live amongst us. Thank you Amber and The Stranger for publishing the information they uncovered.

Remember folks: when a patriotic American sees a Nazi, that patriot punches the Nazi!
@4. So you’re endorsing violence against women now?

It’s nice to know what Antifa is patting themselves on the back for these days.
@5, uh oh, the fragile snowflake white knights are getting triggered again.
I often wonder why the Antifas don't enjoy the wonderful, fascism-and-whiteness free environs of Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, China, Saudi, Iran etc.

It's a big world guys, get a passport and leave these fascists behind!