The Morning News: Oh My God Something Not Terrible Happened


That graph showing racist whites voted for Mooron anyway makes my blood run cold. Ugh. That's the power of psychopathic racism and white trash supremacy.

No way in hayell would I wanna read Prezinazi Pu$$ygrabber’s shit twits today.

Let's celebrate instead : )
I know the robot seems intimidating, but that is just because of the lighting effects. It carries a cake and wishes you a happy birthday. Nothing to be scared of.

Tell that to the poor late Mr. Kinney...
Franken definitely should not have resigned.
If Franken had stayed, Moore probably would've won. He took one for the team. I'm cool with that.
@4 Why do middle aged white women like yourself think sexual assault is ok if it's your political party? Is it a Hillary thing? The middle aged white women in Alabama voted for Moore so I guess it's not just a Hillary thing. Does it have to do with resentment? Is it a lowered standards thing that comes with your terrible generation? I mean, last time I checked, Franken had about 4 different accusers.
Well, sure, mothers and women helped push Jones over the top. BLACK mothers and women, that is. Looks like the white ladies overall still went with the child molester. Also, @6, saying Franken shouldn't have resigned doesn't mean you think "sexual assault is ok." Your zero tolerance absolutism doesn't give you the moral high ground like you think it does.
@5: correlation is not causation.
I don't think we should make Election Day a national holiday, we should require a full week of early voting instead. It doesn't take all day to vote, and people who have the day off work might choose to just stay home in their bathrobe all day. I had a devil of a time commuting by bus from my community college to the polling place near my legal residence on election day 2016 (it was a 5 hour round trip), and it would not have been easier if I'd had no classes that day. What WOULD have made it easier is if I could have voted the previous Wednesday when I had an easy transportation opportunity.
@8: No shit. But whataboutism is.
@9 Vote by Mail for all federal elections. If the Democrats were serious about changing the tone in Washington, etc. the last time they were in control (2009) they would have forced Vote by Mail for all federal elections instead of a deeply flawed healthcare bill.
Glad to see democrats are still fully immersed in identity politics. I imagine it'll go as well for them in the next elections as it did in the last.

/Those who fail to learn from the past are... something, something...
@13: The Republican vote in Alabama was almost entirely White. And you say the Democrats are playing "identity politics"? Yeah, right.
@13, remember,"I'm with Her" it was never "She's with Us".
I hope this win for Jones reinforces the black community to vote more often, their votes made the difference.
@14, 15,

Dig a little into Tina Smith's (Al Franken's replacement) career history. Looks a bit like a Hillary Clinton in the making. Career politician. Connections to big corporate donors. Toeing the party line. Just my humble opinion.

Was she appointed because she'll be outspoken and oppositional, as Franken was? Or because she's a woman and "it's her turn" and the DNC's focus groups said she was the statistically best choice to please the center left?

Guess we'll see.
@3: Well, everyone knows that Enforcement Droid Series 209 had serious problems, but that is why it was never pressed into public service. Omni Consumer apologized numerous times, and have sworn that those mistakes will not be repeated.

On another note, don't you miss how older movies used squibs and blood packs? It looks so much better than all the CGI blood you see in movies these days.
@17 - "Career politician. Connections to big corporate donors. Toeing the party line." other words, just like every other politician in Congress.

I don't know why she was appointed. Maybe being lieutenant governor had something to do with it --- that seems like a valid qualification. (Did the [admittedly bumbling, incompetent, in-pretty-much-total disarray] DNC even have time to conduct focus group polling?)
Only by 1.6%? Either the religious right is staunchly voting republican anyway or Doug Jones was not a very strong Democratic Candidate - I thought it would be a much larger win.
@16: Sure, but it should also reinforce that we need to stop leaning on black voters to offset the dumbass votes of white people, and actually get white people to stop fucking up the world with their idiotic, racist stupidity.
Is the problem identity politics - i.e that she is being appointed not because of her merit but because she’s a woman (or at least this is my understanding of what straight white guys mean when they complain about identity politics) - or is the problem that she’s just another career politician who will govern like every other person in their party, like the guy she is replacing, minus the unwanted ass-touching (one hopes)? Giving the occasional righteous speech on the senate floor is not an achievement in politics, but afaik that is all franken has to show for his 8 years in the senate, so the bar is set pretty low.

I thought the complaint about left-wing identity politics was that demographics take a higher priority over qualifications, which is what one earns by, you know, having a career. If she’s just a place holder in the mold of any other establishment politician, what does her gender have to do with anything? I mean besides not having sexual harassment charges lurking in her employment history, probably.

Anyway if there is any lesson to be learned from what is happening right now, men in charge of everything have exceeded their expiration date. I for one welcome our female overlords.
@1 Original Andrew: I'm ready to celebrate, too. And thank you for the reminder to avoid Twitter as well as Twitler. THANK YOU, Black Alabamans who rallied despite voter suppression and other racist bullshit to make a much needed difference.
@23 blip: Agreed, and it's about fucking time, too, after a million years too long.
Choke on it, Hillary and Patty haters and racist dumbfucks!
@22: And you achieve that like Mrs. Bill tried, with her deplorable "deplorables" remark.
Should be: And you don't achieve...
'Anyway if there is any lesson to be learned from what is happening right now, men in charge of everything have exceeded their expiration date. I for one welcome our female overlords." --Blip

I guess that makes Two of us.
@23: The problem with identity politics is that it often masks mediocre policy, becoming symbolic progress at the expense of real progress. For instance, if a woman has a worse record on women's rights than a male candidate, but uses the fact that she's a woman to claim she'd be better for the women in her constituency, then identity politics becomes yet another reactionary and divisive political strategy. Democrats can often see this when it crosses party lines (for example, not many Dems would be willing to believe Palin would be better for women than Obama), but are curiously blind to the same thing inside their own party.

I don't think I'd consider identity politics, at least in that sense, left wing. It tries to portray itself as left, progressive, or boundary pushing, but at heart it often exists to defend the status quo. However, if we're defining identity politics as electing a person from a specific community to actually represent what's best for that community, then that's something different. I'm guessing that the latter definition is the ideal and the former is what happens in practice a little too often.
Moore was about a bad a candidate as could be.
As long as the republicans run retard pedophiles the democrats might have a chance to squeak out a few victories.
@6 They don't think its okay. Most don't. Some do, either as an unexamined or unapologetic reaction.

I've had this conversation with women Democrats - some white and some not white - and many of them that I've come into contact with aren't okay with sexual assault but in their way of thinking, they've come to see this issue as the hill you can't die on. The reason for this is because our Republican counterparts are certainly comfortable with making sure that it's the hill that almost no one in their party dies on. While the other team has decided that their main allegiance is to pushing the platform and so, they're forced to ignore the morality of it all. In the end, it doesn't matter what someone did - its about who won. And as valiantly as the Democratic party has operated under the opposite ethos, many feel that this is working against us. It's making us look weak, clinging to arguments that the other side could give a fuck about and thereby making us look like assholes who don't want to get pragmatic about the reality that we're in for the moment with politics.

YMMV on a personal level and not every woman in this space thinks that way but I think many more do than you think but the Democratic party has this need to police this kind of thinking so many don't share it but its out there.
You need to also factor in the breakdown by age because it tells a different story about white voters.
@30 ed gillespie is about as normal and mainstream as republicans come and he lost the governor race in virginia by almost 10 points. plus dems gained 15 seats in the state house, all with zero pedophiles on the ticket.

seems like the more obvious explanation is that a republican president with a 30% approval rating is dead weight for the party, and both he and your terrible candidates are a symptom of a bigger "quality control" issue with republican voters, who don't seem to have the same standards of basic human decency as normal people.

Well, based on the exit-polling at least your first supposition seems correct: Whites, both men and women, voted overwhelmingly for Moore, as did Whites with no college education, those who self-identified as Trump supporters, and those who oppose abortion. I haven't seen any polling that specifically asked about religious affiliation, but based on the breakdowns that were reported, there's a strong correlation with White, less-educated, conservative values voters (pretty much the definition of Evangelical Southern Baptist Protestants), who were solidly in Moore's camp.
more like normal people who understand the difference between an embryo and a baby (aka most people).

funny you should bring it up because you guys keep nominating pedophiles and gameshow hosts to jobs they are manifestly unqualified, in part because they share your confusion about what a baby is. maybe you should find a better way of screening applicants because your litmus test keeps failing you.
"I voted for the pedophile". Said 72% of the white male voters.
@7 If it were one woman, I assume that we'd see a pattern of behavior. If it was 2 women, I'd say his initial response was perfectly fair. If it's 3+, I don't think it's so terrible to ask someone to step down.

@15/17 Eck, let's hope not.

@22 "get white people to stop fucking up the world with their idiotic, racist stupidity."

Start with those two little old white ladies in the Hillary article from yesterday. Had she not been white, those two would never have been there.

@23 "demographics take a higher priority over qualifications, which is what one earns by, you know, having a career."

Except having a career in something, especially in public office, doesn't equate to that individual having the best interests of the public. You're intentionally dumbing down the conversation. Yes, I believe that a man who has the views that I like should win over a woman who doesn't have the views I like. That's independent of them having whatever career path they had up to that point. Would, say, a Sarah Palin, with all her "experience" with executive power in Alaska be better than, say, an Obama with little to no executive experience? And does having a vagina really, really matter that much? Have you heard of Margaret Thatcher?

On second thought, 29 has it pretty down.

@30 Except, you know, Trump.
@31 "In the end, it doesn't matter what someone did - its about who won. And as valiantly as the Democratic party has operated under the opposite ethos, many feel that this is working against us"

See, I fundamentally disagree with the assumption that Democrats have been working under the guise that it matters what someone did and not about who would win. If they did, they wouldn't have nominated Hillary. You read any post from 2 years ago, you'd read arguments that Bill didn't matter, her economic policy didn't matter, her vote for war didn't matter, her lack of support for marriage equality didn't matter because she was the "most electable". This, being something said of such greats as John Kerry and Al Gore. Someone who that wasn't described as such? Obama. I'm always perplexed that people don't understand that when you run someone who isn't exciting to anyone outside a very small demographic that that candidate loses if they have a D next to their name.

Not dying on the hill isn't a winning strategy for Democrats. If it were, we'd have our first female president right now. Also, we'd be Republicans. And it's not that the voters need to change their minds, it's that the party needs to get its shit together.
How is Hilary Clinton a career politician?
Q: How did a former U.S. Senator, First Lady, Secretary of State, thus infinitely better qualified to serve as 45th President of the United States lose to a shamelessly inept, mentally unstable blowhard and global embarrassment, and after actually beating him soundly by 3 million popular votes?
A: The shamelessly inept, mentally unstable blowhard and global embarrassment was illegally BOUGHT into the White House through corporate backed rich-white-male corruption, special interests, a grossly outdated electoral college, foreign interference with the 2016 general election currently under investigation--and with just enough easily misled voters to believe all the mudslinging, lies, hypocrisy, misogyny, and racial bullshit from gun-totin', bible misquotin', fetus dotin' anti-Hillary witch hunters.
Time to clean the White House of all the overflowing shit, hold Trumpzilla, its henchmen and conspirators criminally accountable, and may the blue wave signify the end of the reprehensible RepubliKKKan party of 1% once and for all. ITMFA!
The more I read about white women voters in the US, the more ashamed I become of being a white women. It appears we have our heads up our asses when we vote. I was dismayed by all those women who hated Clinton, but could sort of understand it a little (maybe she was seen as still being an appendage of her husband). But when we'd rather vote for a bigoted, sexist, perverted, dumbass white male pigs like Trump or Moore (or sit out an election when our votes really matter so the worse case scenario comes true)? You gotta' splain it, ladies, at least to me because I'm beginning to think we love hitting glass ceilings, being sexually exploited, brutalized, marginalized, being denied birth control and abortion, and want our deepest concerns ignored by those in government.
And for those of you still uttering "meh": Low voter turnout is a big reason for such a shitty federal administration now. If you're fed up, old enough to vote and haven't yet registered, do so! The 2018 midterm election is important, and with Roy Moore gone (Yay for Doug Jones winning the Alabama Senate seat!), Democrats can flip the Senate and House to serve ALL U.S. CITIZENS, not just the richest, whitest 1% and their legal heirs.
Hint to working class dupes still blindsided into thinking that the gluttonous fossil fuel industry brings "GOOD JOBS NOW", and believe erroneous GOP myths such as 'war stimulates the economy': Trickle down economics DON'T WORK. Even Ronald Reagan had to finally increase taxes to balance the budget back in the '80s. Remember, it was Bill Clinton, a Democrat, who brought the U.S. an economic surplus.
@42 Purris: You can't mean me. I'm 53, and I'm a white female veteran. I voted for Hillary in 2016 and I'd do it again. I'll be voting in the 2018 Midterm elections, too.