The Guardian:

Authorities have revealed the wildfire that razed homes owned by LA’s wealthiest residents was started in a homeless camp inhabited by its most downtrodden. After the Los Angeles fire department announced on Tuesday that the Skirball fire began life as a cooking fire under a freeway about 20 miles from downtown, the homeless services community took a sharp intake of breath. “These kind of reports are never good for us in general,” said Laurie Craft, a director at Hope of the Valley, which runs the only winter shelter in the area where the Skirball fire started.

Maybe fewer people would be living under freeways if the wealthy didn't invest so heavily in driving down tax rates, ramping up income inequality, and destroying the social safety net. Don't want people living under freeways? Spend more on housing and social services and access to health care and addiction programs. Don't want to spend more money on any of that? Then maybe put in a sprinkler system.