A public quiz from the KOMO News Facebook page: "In the last month, 1 in 3 people have experienced this during their morning commute. What is it?"

Some of the (funny, horrifying, thoughtful, obvious) responses included below...

Michael C. When you're eating your garlic bread and then you accidentally drop it and it falls between the seat and center console. Then you have to pull over and fish it out, because garlic bread.

John T. That overwhelming sensation of your middle finger springing to life.

Heather F. Someone passed out with needle in arm

James O. A desire to stop and eat more #BACON

Todd R.
The overwhelming urge to turn around.

Janice M. Road rage; either their own or someone else's.

Rose B.
By car , on bus, walking, biking? Angry people!

Darla P.
Spill their morning coffee.

Elaine B. Traffic jam of my pets as I walk to my home office.

Tom M. The uncontrollable urge to urinate.

John S. Forgot to grab their 1911. [That's a pistol, y'all.]

Regina J. Being flipped the bird!

Matthew P. wondering why the prius goes so slow in the left lane.

Janey S. Freezing fog

Steve K. Last night's fast food run.

Linda M. Car over heating.

Doug H. The smell of cheap perfumes.

Jacqueline D. Homicidal thoughts.

Bryan G. A crazy liberal in a Prius.

Trish F.

Jeff S. A handjob

Doug H.
Mismatched socks

Keith M.

Alma S. DUI

Rick W. Road head...