These people signed up for health insurance. Have you?
These people signed up for health insurance. Have you? Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If you need insurance, now is the time to get it: In Washington State, the open enrollment period for health care ends January 15, but if you want to be covered by January 1, the deadline to enroll through the state health care exchange is Friday, aka TOMORROW. Do it here, if for no other reason than Donald Trump doesn't want you to.

While Trump and his frenemies in the GOP have repeatedly failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they've been able to kneecap the program in other ways, like slashing the advertising budget by 90 percent and shortening the national enrollment period by six weeks. If no one signs up, the thinking goes, the ACA will collapse. Alas, it appears as though their efforts are futile: According to USA Today, as of December 9, about 4.7 million people signed up across the country, which is 650,000 more people than signed up in the same period last year. With increasing premiums and the shortened enrollment period, it's unlikely the final numbers will surpass previous enrollment, but still, Obamacare ain't dead, at least not yet, and it's got the support of some very fun and smart celebrities, like this guy....

Remember, folks: Signing up for health care doesn't just protect you from financial ruin if you're hit by a bus or have some other kind of health crisis, it also really pisses off Donald Trump. And that's a win/win if we've ever seen one.