RIP Net Neutrality: 2003-2017


So what was going wrong preObama?
Oh please!

Net Neutrality wasn't in effect until 2015.

The internet before then wasn't exactly a desolate wasteland. Given whose currently in office I'm surprised the Stranger would push to lay the groundwork for government censorship of the internet..
Everyone chill the fuck out.

Net Neutrality is about allowing IPS's to share in the profits generated by Netflix, Hulu, etc. Basically what happens is that Netflix reaps in 100% of the profit from a show like Stranger Things while the ISP is stuck with the higher costs of transmitting so much data. Almost every industry analyst - even the ones like the Netflix CEO who are against the change - say that competitive pressure will keep the net more-or-less as-is from a consumer standpoint.

This is just garden variety political fear-trolling.