Bruce Harrell Says Tech Giants Must Follow Seattle Election Law or "Be Held Accountable"


Will Mr. Harrell also try to get disclosure and transparency from the Freedom Socialist Party for any campaigning in Seattle?
Sure looks like the Stranger is on the hook too, no? Anybody able to pop over to their office during lunch hour?

> Each commercial advertiser that has accepted or provided political advertising during the election campaign shall maintain open for public inspection ...

> "Commercial advertiser" means any person who sells the service of communicating messages or producing political advertising

> "Political advertising" means any advertising displays, newspaper ads, billboards, signs, brochures, articles, tabloids, flyers, letters, radio or television presentations, or other means of mass communication, used for the purpose of appealing, directly or indirectly, for votes or for financial or other support in any election campaign.
Imagine that, a city council member speaks of accountability. LOL
I'd like Mr. Harrell to disclose how much taxpayer money has been spent producing all those red posters with "CM Kshama Sawant" prominently displayed at the bottom, that show up at every protest rally or Council meeting where Kshama plays demagogue before her adoring minions. I'd like Mr. Harrell to disclose how many of these posters are also indirect advertisements for Swant's "party," socialist alternative.

I'd like Mr. Harrell to explain how Sawant's slander is protected under the First Amendment, and what demonstrated interest of the citizens of the 3rd District was served by those comments, making them worthy of public expenditure to defend.

I'd like Mr. Harrell to disclose how much money the City spends supporting Sawant's staged political demonstrations like the "camp-in" at City Hall last month.

I'd like Mr. Harrell to disclose how much time Sawant spends away from her District agitating for world revolution. I'd like Mr. Harrell to explain why a Council member who spends a substantial part of her time on such activity, is still deserving of the compensation of a "full time" Council member.
Mtn. Beaver, @2 - As a local print advertiser I'm sure The Stranger is one of the primary parties subject to the Seattle election advertising law, even aside from its online presence. But I'd be interested in learning better how the system works, and how much of a burden it is to comply with. The Stranger ought to be able to report on that in some depth, no?