oooo! chauvinist dan savage wants the peacenik jew in jail. hardly a peep on this site about libya and yemen, but stein got his bigot hating heart aflame.
It's hilarious coming in every now and then and reading your stupid bullshit, Dan.

The part from the article that YOU YOURSELF QUOTED indicates that it's not even Jill Stein that's the target here, yet apparently you want her to end up in jail for... being right in 2016? Not actually making enough of a difference in any races to matter?

Just shut up and go away. You're completely fucking irrelevant at this point.
@2 Dan has become irrelevant on just about all points at this point of his middle aged...well nearly senior part of his life
Saw this on fb, and thought of you Dan.

DAN SAVAGE sits with TERRY sipping $8 cappuccinos. Terry is filing his nails while Dan sits in front of his laptop.

DAN: There is nothing viral on this site anymore!

TERRY: Have you talked about Hillary Clinton lately?

DAN: How many times can I talk about her without seeming like a shill?

*Terry rubs Dan’s cock*

TERRY: Do you think I’m a shill?!

DAN: No, Terry. You’re my husband. You turn me into a shill.

TERRY: As long as you keep promoting Hillary as the failed queen of liberals, I’ll keep blowing you in bed.

DAN: But, she’s irrelevant now. What else can I write that will get people riled up?

TERRY: What about Bernie? You haven’t even talked about that asshole in a few days.

DAN: But, Democrats and progressives both love him. The only ones that don’t are Hillary’s diehards and they don’t make up a viral comment section.

*Terry stamps his foot*

TERRY: But, Mr. Sanders cost HER the election!

DAN: He’s not a bad politician and stands for what The Stranger’s core readership believes in.

TERRY: Hrm. How about Jill Stein?

DAN: What about that bitch?

TERRY: You haven’t talked about her losing Hillary the election in awhile. Maybe she has something about Russia.

*Dan checks the headlines*

DAN: Terry, you’re the best.


*Dan finishes typing*

DAN: Done! This will go up to 50 comments easily!

Guessing this is more for the purposes of being thorough than seeking criminal charges against her or her campaign. Jill Stein is a tool but not a particularly useful one, at least for the purposes of an international conspiracy.

@4 she would at minimum not be fucking stupid enough to think she could get away with it. NBC is reporting today that the FBI alerted the Clinton and Trump campaigns of Russian interference late in the summer of 2016 and told them to report any suspicious contacts, so if anyone were to be on the lookout for any red flags one was placed neatly in their laps, though the Trumps were probably already in over their heads at that point.
Go to jail for... what crime do you think she did exactly?

Rather too "Lock her up! Lock her up!" for my comfort.
Feeling Trumpian today Dan?

I think Jill Stein is a dingbat, but please give it a rest. We don't need to start accusing people we don't like of treason. That's the Trump playbook, partisanship taken to the nutty edge.
If everyone decides the Trumpian style is the new politics, you can kiss this country goodbye.
oh look, the dan savage hypocrisy patrol is out in force today, complete with fan fiction.
@6 - The irony.
#11: I wouldn't call him a hypocrite, just seriously dumb on some issues.
@8 You know, the often say that the far right and far left are basically the same but, in all honesty, aren't diehard Trump supporters and diehard Hillary supporters the same animals? Both utilize an insane amount of hyperbole and grandiose self-worth in order to prop up a couple of over-privileged sycophants.
do you guys think rt tried to get interviews with trump? (he might be from russia)
i heard something: stein got drunk on vodka (russia!!!!!) and climbs into a wooden sculpture of her, her "doll wit eed wor neastiiing" is what she calls it. vodka got stein drunk! jail her up!
You all gonna apologize if Dan's right? Of course not, because you are dicks.
@12 INT. MOM’S BASEMENT - Afternoon

A young Clinton acolyte sits in his bedroom. 13 month’s later, PRIDGE WESSEA still mourns the loss of his QUEEN HILLARY. He can do nothing but lash out angrily on the internet.

The camera slowly pulls back until PRIDGE is little more than a speck of dust on the screen, denoting his total value in the world.
@16 Has Dan apologized for backing a losing horse during the primary? Of course not because he’s a dick. Hell, he barely apologized for backing the Iraq War.
Clinton would absolutely have turned down a foreign government's offer to sabotage the election.

If you think that she would even consider saying yes, you might as well be thinking that pizzagate was a possibility, just like the Trump drones.
@16 what is dan gonna be right (or wrong) about? what would he wager?
Jill Stein had a campaign?
@21 lol no not even close. She’s set herself up for failure more than once but none of it ranks on the same scale of idiocy as the trump-russia scandal. You can even quantify it by the number of indictments, guilty pleas and, ultimately, total sum of years in prison: Clinton: 0/0/0, Trump 2/2/tbd.
What a bunch of bitches some of you guys are. Oh, nobody reads your blogs so you come here spitting shit at Dan. You poor poor babies.
Man. To get all the usual dip shit Trolls this worked up — over the inert quackish Elf-Queen Jill Stein, no less — Savage must actually be on to something for once.
I will forever cherish Dan's years of great sex advice and feature stories. but these days his political coverage is cringy as hell. I didn't realize getting old meant you had to automatically become an establishment politics mouthpiece. Let your hate-boner for Stein go, Dan. She's irrelevant, and always was. Now is the time to galvanize the left, not to keep engaging in the petty, divisive fights leftover from the last election.
Dan, like so many of us, needs to avoid unnecessary hyperbole that gets in the way of what you're trying to say.
HaHa, raindrop. I think Dan was pretty clear with what he wanted to say.
@26, this is not nothing. And Dan knew the posters above would jump in and do their merry dance. Setting these rabid boys off and watching them slather their bile everywhere.
#28: It must be nice to have cheerleaders ready to come in and play defense.
Partisan cranks are just the norm these days sadly.
I am no cheerleader, JMS. On this, I agree with Dan. This is Congress she is being investigated by. This is spotlight time.
And where are all the millions of dollars people donated to get re counts done. Were the unused $ returned.
Not to say Jill Stein won't, but WHY return em? Why on Earth? That's serious cash for the Pol, and I believe if you know how, you can ride off into the sunset with it. That's why we had TWO totally fool Republikan Klown Kars last time. It's A Thing. Pocket the Cash, (ghost-) write a book, settle down at San Clemente and enjoy your bamboozle. It's the American Way.

You've Earned it.
i also am no cheerleader
lock jill up
lock jill up
dan wrote this
to piss upwards of ten people off
loooock her up
gimme a j [you give me it]
gimme a a [you give me it]
gimme a i [you give me it]
gimme a l [you give me it]
what's that spell?
j i l l
a f r icom
i c k y
l o s s
#6, 17, 18- You're a true American hero.
If the subpoena came from Bob Mueller, it would be newsworthy. But since it came from a congressional investigative committee run by the President's party (in all likelihood, Trey Gowdy demanded it) it is of little significance. It won't have much effect on the outcome of the more substantial inquiry being conducted by Mueller.

Dan Savage proves, as so often, that he is impervious to both the nuances of politics and the rigors of fact checking.
"Here's hoping this lying sack of piety-spewing shit goes to jail with the rest of the bastards Mueller is investigating."

Dan, I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.
I hate the way Savage now sounds like Fox News for conservative Democrats. "Lock her up!" Yeah, where have I heard that before.
@28 - I was being "gracious".
What is wrong with you people? This woman, and the idiots who voted for her, have given you trump. You know, the guy who is systematically remaking your country in his own image. Ripping apart your traditions, your democratic and legal rights, and you bitch because Dan expresses his feelings about Jill is she a traitor Stein, and points out she is under investigation.
1) Senate committees don't bring criminal charges. (Thank your lucky stars.)

2) The fact that the Senate is the first one asking questions very likely means that Mueller wasn't interested.
seriously people, she gave us trump, juss tink awout wow wany peawolski whidn't wote wewause willski wineski was won whe wallot. wae wuze! wae wuh wewoleski! wussa! we could be seeing corpses the troops (the real troops) freedomized in iran by now gang omg. burn her, burn the traitor to the empire!
Big joke, pansack. You vote for her too did you, like all the nasty boys above. Fine if the rest of the world wasn't stuck with trump too. You guys were played by this woman.
@17 - More projection in the service of spin! What other traits do you share with the president besides that and a hatred/dismissal/obsession with Hillary Clinton? I can already think of a few if you're drawing a blank!
It wouldn't surprise me if she did.
@42 there's a janet jackson festival going on in my heart-mind and it's wonderful. thank you. stein-baraka got 1% of the vote in an election with the unique situation of the two least popular politicians to run pretty much ever on the major party tickets. "don't mean a thing" indeed. nobody "got played" - you people are just so devoted to prim and proper slaughter you're making up fantasies about good stein. remember the guffaws when stein's schedule got mixed up and she went to the wrong airport making her [gasp] over an hour late? how does such an incompetent make clinton not campaign in the states you are so desperate to blame good stein for? how precisely did good stein's jam cause the clinton 'nasty groove' (the only likeable nasty thing) to fail?!? how precisely?!?
gimmie a beat.
Remember when the Retarded stein voters told us Hillary was just as bad as tRump? I do!
Dan sure knows how to get the click bait going on this dying website.

Kudos Dan!!
Here's hoping this lying sack of piety-spewing shit goes to jail with the rest of the bastards Mueller is investigating

As If one needed evidence that being gay was not a guarantee of being decent and liberal.
The Stein campaign was a total sham from the start. The only people still defending her are complete fools, though I suspect most of the people attacking Dan on this board are quite well aware that Stein was running a con that was funded in part by the Kremlin.

If Mueller isn't investigating her it is likely because he is only authorized to investigate the Trump campaign. A lot of people in the Trump campaign, the GOP, the conservative media, and the Stein camp will either be indicted or named as un-indicted co-conspirators.
Jil Stein is a dipshit, but jumping from dipshit to RUSSIAN AGENT TRAITOR is fucking insane and makes you sound like Lib version of an Infowars chud. Shes being investigated by the Senate Intel Committee FFS. The same assholes that "investigated" Benghazi. Fuck outta here with your stupid "everyone I dont like is a Russian agent" bullshit.
What an asinine argument. Anyone can do that, about anybody. Here, I'll give you an example:

You don't wind up meeting with the Russian ambassador--and later lying about it--by accident.…

So in Savage-land, Pelosi's a Russian spy now, right?

So dumb.
Get over you hate for Jill Stein. It’s so old and tiresome. It’s sad to see it still eating away at you, Dan.
Whatever this woman's game is, it has nothing to do with looking after America. She should have dropped out, when she saw Trump was up. Her narcissism and the fawning of Susan and the marshmallows, you lot who voted for her, gave dear sweet Jill, such a buzz.
Still waiting on your Revolution Susan.
where are the pussy hats, where is the now-global outing of slimeball men, where is the reversal of dem losses at the state and national level, where's the outcry and education about the ever-encroaching fascism in capitalism? i just don't see it. hey actress with no functional power but the platform granted by a fading fame- still waiting. stein is a communist agent from mother russia qed btw, i just know it.
Pansack honey, are you ok? Best you post your own comments, as flattering as it is that you repeat mine.
lavagirl my most sugar sweet ultra mega darling, however i was, you understanding i was effectively cut-pasting your comments has make me ok, and more.
The comments for Stein threads are great as they’re always Trump true believers and Green voters singing Kumbaya together, hand in hand about their hate for “Neoliberals” and neither promoting anything left of Bircher.
the best comments on these and all threads really are from liberals so knowing and wise smugness has enveloped all ideas but 'stay the course' for them. they're the true heroes here, just racist and classist enough to triumphantly deny being either.

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