Alex Jones's Gut Says: "The FBI Will Murder Trump in the Next Month"


I don't see how what this guy says actually matters at this point
If only Clinton had this kind of power. Hell, if she did, she wouldn't have lost the election.
One of my employees friends who went to high school with Jones told me she would see him walking everywhere holding a copy of mein kampf.
Why hasn't the Deep State offed Alex Jones yet? Maybe he's working for them, you know to discredit conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists by making them all look ludicrous. The truth is we don't know. We don't know!
One can only hope. I'd go to Arlington just to piss on his grave.
Pssh, it wouldn't be the FBI, it would clearly be the CIA if it were to happen.

@5: The old "controlled opposition" route.
Hmm, sounds like Jones has possible inside intel on a plot to assassinate the President of the United States. I would think that would warrant a "forward-leaning" visit from the Secret Service!
Actually, what Jones' gut REALLY said was, "GODDAMNIT! IT'S NEARLY 11:30 AND YOU HAVEN'T PUT ANYTHING IN ME FOR, LIKE, TWO WHOLE HOURS!!! GET A SUBWAY 12" CHICKEN, BACON & RANCH SAMMIE IN ME - NOW!!!!" Jones just THINKS it told him the FBI is going to off IL DOUCHE - it probably all sounds kind of the same when it's just a series of repetitive growling noises coming from deep inside ones GI tract...
And they've got a lot of mentally ill Democrats
Just eat your supplements and relax, it's for entertainment purposes only!
@10. It’s hopefully in the same burn pile as Mark Bray. Where all antisemitic literature belongs.
why give this Pig Thing a platform of any kind in Slog?
Stephen Colbert does Alex Jones way better than Alex Jones does. See "Brain Fight" and "Tuck Buckford" on Youtube.
I also hear that aliens are going to bring Elvis back under the guise of The Second Coming.
Dumping coffee on this guy was a waste of good coffee.
@19 OMG were you been all my life baby???????
@1 as much as it pains me to say this, the reason he matters is that millions of people listen to his show, and a great number actually believe him.
Ok this guy is bad. There that is all I want say about this article because I am highjacking this line of commenting to comment on Katie Herzog's article on murdering Christmas trees since it was such a ridiculous article and written just to troll and piss people off with no commenting allowed.
For every tree cut there is a tree planted sometimes more. It is no different than eating veg unless you think eating Broccoli is also murdering.
The article you wrote was under the heading "Wilderness". Now if you were in the wilderness in a forest and it caught fire you would have to understand it is a natural occurrence and needed to generate forests. Most Evergreen Trees are designed to burn (black Spruce being a perfect example) it is how forests are created no matter how much humans try to stop the burning and think it is bad. It is natural. We, like many animals damage and kill trees in the process of generating more trees.
Growing trees is farming which creates oxygen it is not a system of cutting down trees everywhere and depleting forests it is a perpetuating system and usually after a farm is no longer in use the trees are left to grow. If the farm didn't exist the trees would not have contributed to producing oxygen continually. So growing Christmas trees adds to nature.
You article was ridiculous.