Betty Wetters tongue (left) has a standout moment in the show.
Betty Wetter's tongue (left) also has a standout moment in Betty & Cookie's Not-So-Silent Night. Kingmon Creative

At last night's opening for Betty & Cookie's Not-So Silent Night—which runs through this Saturday at Kremwerk—Cookie Couture tearfully announced (or were her eyes simply red from smoking weed out back?) that the show would feature a special guest... her father. A tall, handsome man in a red Christmas-themed suit came to the stage looking like he just walked out of Diesel. "That's not her daddy," a bearded queen whispered to someone on my right. "That's gonna be my daddy." Giggles/whoops/shouts from the crowd, then the hot dad-bear proceeded to sing "Blue Christmas." Couture watched proudly from the back of the house with her mom. It was cute. The grinches in the room nearly cried.

Here's a video of the end of it:

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Good job, Dave! Your literal son / drag daughter reportedly woke up this morning to multiple DMs asking for your number.

I'm told Dave was only an opening night special, but there will be different sentimental guests taking his place during the other two performances for Betty & Cookie's Not-So-Silent Night.

Wetter sings a song about stealing something from a dead woman.
Wetter (right) sings a song about stealing shoes from a dead woman. Kingmon Creative

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Of course, Not-So-Silent Night isn't all about Cookie Couture's daddy. Couture is at her best and performs some of her most beloved (and tacky) numbers, as well as new material. As is expected with Couture, there are many inflatable props.

The show includes stylish trivia host Betty Wetter as its co-star (take your friends to Wetter's special trivia night on Christmas Eve). Wetter's best moment in the show involves a very handsome doctor shoving popsicle sticks down her throat. (The doctor is played by Steven Palin, Wetter's favorite trade stage kitten. He's a delight.) Wetter also shoves marshmallows down her throat. And vodka. Actually, lots of things go down her mouth-hole. Its depth is astounding.

Looking for an excuse to ditch your family? You've got two more chances to see these ho-ho-hos' holiday spirit.