Transmitting/receiving Trump-era propaganda in the heart of Seattle.
Transmitting/receiving Trump-era propaganda in the heart of Seattle. Charles Mudede

On Saturday, December 23, KOMO posted a story with this headline: "Teen boy charged with murdering husband and wife inside Virginia house, police say." The KOMO story only mentioned the weapon in the crime (a gun), the suspect's age (17), where he's from (Lorton, Virginia), and his relationship with the victims (he dated their daughter). That's it. What's so interesting about this story? You need to gun down many, many more than two people to get America's thoughts and prayers and for the dumb and ever-dumbing debate on gun control to briefly flare-up on Twitter and a couple of news websites.

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Two is a drop in the NRA ocean. Two should be confined to local news or a conversation between concerned neighbors. Why did this story go national? Why did KOMO, a news outlet in Seattle, even bother to report on a minor crime that happened in faraway Virginia? Because it was doing damage control for the crisis of white supremacist terrorism.

The Washington Post reported on the same story the same day as KOMO. But its headline provided an important piece information: "A teen is charged with killing his girlfriend’s parents. They had worried he was a neo-Nazi."

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According to the Washington Post, the parents of the suspect's girlfriend freaked the fuck out when they discovered neo-Nazi statements that they believed were posted on the web by their daughter's boyfriend. The mother informed the school, and pushed for an end of the relationship. On Thursday, December 21, the mother texted a friend that the "'outspoken Neo Nazi' was out of their lives." The next day, she was dead. And her husband was also dead. And the suspect was almost dead—he shot himself and is now in critical condition. But if he survives, he will be charged with the murder of two white Americans the New York Times described as anti-fascists.

The details concerning a possible motive for the murders were well known by Saturday. Why did KOMO exclude them? And would they have done the same if the suspect was, say, a Muslim? Imagine if the mother had discovered that her daughter's boyfriend was posting stuff about the greatness of ISIS, and she and her husband were shot dead by the Islamic fanatic after they forced their daughter to break with him. Holy shit! This country would have gone totally nuts over the story. And certainly KOMO, which has been owned and operated by the right-wing Sinclair Broadcasting Group since 2013, would have not wasted any time coming up with this headline: "Muslim Radical charged with murdering husband and wife inside Virginia house, police say."

KOMO, by the way, is not supplying news to some place in Idaho or Montana or Wyoming. It's dumping its pro-white supremacist terrorism trash in the heart of progressive Seattle.