Radjaw: Try to include Big Daddy Kane in every set.
Radjaw: "Try to include Big Daddy Kane in every set." Mary Kalhor

RADJAW (aka GREG + THE GREG GREGS; Out for Stardom)

Current top 5 tracks:

Sandra de Sá, "Guarde Minha Voz" (Matrix/Runout)

Richard Swift, "MG 333" (Secretly Canadian)

Yaeji, "Guap" (Godmode)

Herb Alpert, "Rise" (A&M)

Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators, "Hot Sauce" (Timmion)

Crew/label affiliation: "Out for Stardom SEA/NYC/NJ/PHI."

Styles played: "Soul, breaks, '80s, disco, world, classic rap, house, Miami bass, dancehall. This is really hard for me to answer."

Events organized: "Big Trouble in Little Bait Shop—every Tuesday at Bait Shop."

DJing philosophy: "Plan a little bit, but be prepared to be swayed by your own mood—play what you’re feeling in that very exact moment. Try to include Big Daddy Kane in every set, listen to Kenny Raw’s suggestions, and always trust your instincts. Most importantly, have fun, because people will 100-percent vibe off of your energy."

Format: "Vinyl."

Worst request: “'Do you have any Pitbull?'”

Upcoming events: "Nothing else planned so I would rather use this space to big up some friends:
Real Love DJs – Every Tuesday at Havana
OCnotes’ No Requests – Every Last Saturday at Speckled & Drake
Cheat Day – First Wednesdays at Cloud Room
Pink and Gold – NYE at Neon Boots
Andy King’s Drum Marathon – January 11 at Neumos"