Why Is Trump Attacking the U.S. Postal Service? The man claims that USPS is losing money because it is “charging Amazon and others so little to deliver their packages.” The man mentioned Amazon. Why? Because it's owned by Jeff Bezos? What else does Jeff Bezos own? The Washington Post. What does the man often call the content of Washington Post? Fake news? Why? Because much of it is actual news. So, this turns out to have nothing to do with the USPS, which would be losing even more money if it weren't for Amazon's business. The AP reporter blames pensions and heath-care costs for USPS's losses. But I believe it has a lot do with the cost of maintaining offices and jobs in rural areas. USPS should either close those offices or charge much more to deliver stuff to places that overwhelmingly voted for Trump.

Tickets for the 14th Annual HUMP! Film Festival On Sale Now!

And Trump Begins the New Year By Imposing Duties on Paper Imported from Canada: This, of course, will raise the price of paper and hurt or sink small newspapers around the country. Ours is an industry that knows no end to bad economic news.

Analyst Is Certain Amazon Will Buy Target in 2018: Why? Because it needs a huge brick-and-mortar retailer "to combat Walmart," the largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the US—Target is second. Not everybody wants to rule the world, but certainly Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, does.

2018 Be Like "Oh God, Here We Go Again": While millions are facing one of the coldest winters on record—many of these millions are living on the street or had their power cut due to piling bills—Trump's tweets something utterly dumb about global warming. There will be blood (elections) in 2018.

The Pussy Grabber Keeps Saying Everything Racist White Americans Want to Hear: While giving everything that matters to the rich and corporations.

Some Good News to End the Year: Doug Jones is certified. And Ms. Zhang is no longer missing.

When the Van Jumped the Curb in Downtown Seattle: And hit several pedestrians before slamming into the Gap store on Fifth Avenue and Pine Street, many must have thought: Terrorism! Over the past two years, pedestrians in New York City, London, Barcelona, and Berlin have been hit and killed by weaponized rental vans and trucks. Had this form of terrorism reached Seattle? SPD to Seattle Times: “The van did not accelerate... [there] was nothing obvious to make this an intentional or deliberate act; it just idles and then rolls through.” The police believe that the Shuttle Express driver suffered some kind of "medical emergency" and "lost control of the van." He did not hit the four pedestrians and slam into the Gap on purpose. Though the apparent accident wasn't deadly, it did hospitalize six people.

Dog Found Frozen Solid on Porch of Home in Toledo, Ohio: Turns out the owner of the dog wasn't staying at the house because "the utilities to the house were recently shut off." He had fallen on some hard times and left two dogs inside. He has no idea how the frozen one got outside the house, but the one still inside was found bone-shivering from the cold. Much of the northern part of the US is currently frozen by a mass of Arctic air. It's not only killing dogs, but even sharks. The Arctic blast has also claimed the lives of humans in cars. One old woman crashed her car, was exposed to the cold, and froze to death.

They Go In Twos: Zimbabweans believe that when a person dies tragically, they are soon followed by one who loved them deeply. They go in twos, we say. On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was killed by the New York City Police for selling cigarettes illegally. The world saw his death, which was captured by smartphone camera and uploaded into the eternal ether of cyberspace. Three and a half years later, his daughter and BLM activist, Erica Garner, suffered a heart attack. She is said to be permanently brain dead. This is the same as being dead. They go in twos.