You may have missed it during the holiday madness, but last month Seattle hiphop producer Diogenes (aka Dax Edword, aka Dax Anderson) magnanimously uploaded four years' worth of beats to Bandcamp. The literally and humbly titled Cache Dump finds the Filthy Fingers United catalyst and former organizer of the HISSSSSSS cassette-DJ night cherry-picking cuts from various comp tapes, excavating collabs with the raps excised, and presenting tracks that were offered to MCs but rejected for various reasons.

Cache Dump is a 37-track bonanza of (mostly) boom-bap instrumentals that venture into the more lysergic end of the sampladelic-hiphop spectrum. The music here will get your head nodding, for sure, but it will also kick it into a much weirder space than most hiphop. In this way, Cache Dump follows in the style of Diogenes's Death & Acid album, transmuting his ravenous ear for unusual samples into pieces that make you feel as if someone laced your blunt with ketamine.

Some examples of Diogenes's sonic disorientation include "Car Music" (more oneiric than Boards of Canada at their druggiest), "dusty latin psych" (martial funk with a slurred female [or falsetto] vocal sample), "I Am Not a Pixels" (a wickedly woozy, disjointed, and lackadaisical funk bomb that would make Kid Koala smile hard), and "ta.r.p." (phenomenally warped church bells [I think] over scattershot beats).

Any rapper with a taste for the unconventional—and, it must be noted, the untrendy—should hit up Diogenes to get some of these darkly whimsical joints under their verses.