It's Taking the City Longer to Investigate Labor Law Violations


> in a non-alphabetized stack of 14,000 individual pieces of paper, resulting in investigators’ spending 201 hours ...

I am suggesting to my city council representative that we impose a penalty for obstructionism. Please consider it.
The city has been hoisted on its own bureaucratic petard!

It has made a whole host of "nanny state edicts" which has not only made an unholy amount of mostly useless record keeping for businesses , but now the city officials have to sift through it all the records at great expense to investigate any and all alleged abuse.

Ironically, the city has got its first taste of the cost of their political grand standing scheme.
So taxpayers are footing the bill for each complaint and the hours of investigation plus all the salaries and benefits that go with it. I hope that there are ways for recouping some money if a claim is proved false. Also, that businesses are given the benefit of the doubt with some of the complicate rules that have been instated - let them have a warning if it was a mistake and the first complaint.
Big surprise. City Government is incompetent.