The Morning News: Trump Flexes Button Size, Seattle Man Accused of Domestic Abuse Hoarded Guns


Looks like Jack Dorsey's the Joseph Goebbels of the Trump administration. Maybe The Stranger ought to take a stand?
Twitler's entire, illegitimate regime of Greedy Old Psychopaths is "treasonous and unpatriotic.”

BTW, bravo on the Morning Newsies well done.
@ 1, Jack Dorsey--and all the other Twits--deserve the most agonizing form of ass cancer there is for the insane cruelty and harm they've enabled against us and this country.

Maybe they'll Periscope the new holocaust?
Hey, this looks like a new byline. Welcome, Nathalie!
Ok, why exactly is the Petulant Potus' tweet newsworthy? Covering what Twump says is helping him obfuscate real things! I really wish The Stranger, of all news outlets, could stop readily re-vomiting Twump's bird-vomit. Or is it more fun to feign Outrage! Peal-clutching! Ghastly shock! at such a gauche human? Where does that really get us? Focusing on him is ignoring the real problems that made him pwesident anyway.

And look! Just 2 days ago Reuters reported that the Mr. Nork himself "offered an olive branch to South Korea, saying he was “open to dialogue” with Seoul."
“When it comes to North-South relations, we should lower the military tensions on the Korean Peninsula to create a peaceful environment,” Kim said. “Both the North and the South should make efforts."
And one year ago the Norks offered to stop nuclear testing
North Korea said it could stop its nuclear tests in exchange for signing a peace treaty with the U.S. and a stop to annual military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea.
Why isn't this getting reported? Instead all news outlets dutifully help ramp up the tension.

Ok, North Korea is somewhat unstable and (justifiably) pissed that the US bombed 1/5th of it's population to death in a brutal war campaign in the 50s. But let's be real, they are impoverished and dependent, and they know it. And they know we know it. They have very few cards to play, and everything to lose.

Further, China doesn't want a nuclear war on it's borders. And Japan is none too interested in a few nukes going off 500 miles away either. So for those 2 reasons alone, nuclear war is not even likely.

But none of that analysis here! Just credulous reporting of Blusterfuck's hollow grandstanding.

Good job Stranger! You're playing right into Twump's hands!
@5: People here are too busy LARPing about nuclear war because it makes them feel right about something to care about what is actually going on.

It is sad to see the opening of contact between the South and the North (something that has not happened in two years, I believe) buried underneath the Chicken Little bullshit.

I see North Koreans referred to as "Norks" in comment threads, and it strikes me as a bit racist. It sounds like "Orcs," which is basically two steps away from "mongrel." Also, it is probably pretty confusing to Norinco owners and Australians.
@3 - They bow to power, just like the NYT and most other news outlets do.
Just like Facebook is.
Bravo treacle, nice to read other people having these thoughts. the stranger has passed into partisan maddow/hartman peddlers of this new sort of "love to hate" low level commentary. i just reread what you wrote before posting this and yup, still spot on.
@6 - Using 'Nork' for North Koreans is diminutive & somewhat dismissive certainly, although I consider it similar to 'yanks' or 'gringos' for Americans. But point taken.
It's always the domestic abusers. Why don't we have a war on the goddamn domestic abusers? Oh right, too many of them in power.
Michael Wolff wrote Fire and Fury. Not Bannon. How much effort did you put into checking that? Who edits this?
@9: It is certainly not my place to decide, but it just strikes me that way.
Most South Koreans really want unification, it hasn't been possible because the Kim family are megalomaniacal and greedy - yes, just like our Gropenführer. So, "frustrated", and "cautious" perhaps, "disgruntled" and "begrudgingly" unlikely.

Are all the Trumpettes suffering from late-stage Syphilis? Surely greed alone can't explain this level of disfunction and vileness!
A gentle reminder that you do not have to literally expect nuclear war to break out to be mortified by our president diminishing our country's standing in the world by casually tweeting about planetary destruction like a 12 year-old…
And why no mention of the damage nuclear storage container at Hanford?
@16: Don't you know by now that The Stranger editorial choices are driven by stream of conciseness and whims?
Wow, that guy had a truly impressive collection of historic and very rare combat rifles. Looked to me like his collection was easily worth over $50,000.

Too bad that anywhere but The Stranger he's innocent until proven guilty.