City Agrees to Pay $85,000 to Settle Civil Rights Suit Over Black Lives Matter Activist's Arrest


F*ck the police. Seriously.
Fuck the police.
Sorry for the double post. Didn't seem to post the first one so I posted it again. Sentiment still stands.
Fuck the Police x2
Seems pretty outrageous that this guy got $85,000. I think civil suits have a role to play in curbing institutional abuses such as police brutality, but it seems like tort reform is needed.
Looks like we’re going to need to jack up taxes to pay these lawsuits. Let’s see - how about car tabs! No- we need a renters tax.
Get rid of the slave patrol once and for all!!
@5, It could have been worse, the City could have gone all the way to trial and spent $450,000 in legal fees and won. They would then have had no way to collect said legal fees. Or they could have gone to trial and lost. $450,000 is the least of the worries at that point.

To those bemoaning all the legal fees that police department costs, why don't they bemoan the civil suits quietly brought and settled against the school district for the stuff teachers allegedly do (whether there is merit or not, they are also often settled with no admission of guilt to avoid spending $450,000 to be proven right), KC Metro (including excessive force claims against drivers who go to far, get fired, and have their union have an arbitrator give the driver their job back). Very selective with the vitriol or under the delusion this isn't an issue across government.
Just means $85g less for city shit. On top of the $everal million$ spent on herding these ineffectual jazz hands all over the city.

Part of a self-defeating Leftyness with a stunning irony to its funding.

"Hmmmmm... How will the City pay these millions to babysit this temper tantrum?"

"We know!
- See ya' arts grants!
- So long after-school parks programs!
- Buh-bye neighborhood group!

You can riot or be civil. But we don't have money for both.
So weird how anti-government conservatives are the biggest cheerleaders when government agents violate the rights of brown people.

If an officer violates anyone's constitutional rights then the city should deduct the court and settlement costs from their salary. Maybe they'll even learn how to do their job correctly.
@10, Will you apply that requirement to all government workers (e.g. teachers, school counselors, transit and school bus drivers) or just cops?

We also don't know that anyone's constitutional rights were violated because the City settled without an admission of wrongdoing (as many public entities do), even when they think they could prevail, because they spend $450,000 to go to trial and prove they were right, and the Plaintiff has no assets or income to recover from when the City is awarded attorney's fees.
@11 sure why not i mean clearly we're figuring everything out here right now and not just shooting the shit on the internet or anything pointless like that
actually on 2nd thought no
@13, So while were talking about civil rights, why not apply the same standard to all citizens employed by the government so as to not deny those citizens their civil rights under the 14th Amendment. And what of those citizens denied civil rights by other government workers. You seem kind of selective about caring about your fellow citizens civil rights.
sorry my decrees are legally binding too late
These #BlueScum will never be reformed. Fuck all of them.
I hate it when Belligerent, Loitering Morons block traffic.
@10 The conservative position is that the behavior of local law enforcement should be governed by local community standards. You pansy-ass Seattle liberals put up with a good deal more crime than you need to on account of the fact that you keep your police department muzzled in ways more conservative communities do not. Conservatives like me disagree with the decisions you make but respect your right to make them. When was the last time you heard a Republican from Spokane complaining about the fact that the Seattle PD refuses to enforce laws prohibiting the public use of marijuana?
Police departments need to purge white supremacists...all departments, all manner of white
@18 pretty sure jeff sessions isn't from spokane but you're still wrong…

see also, every conservative ever regarding local law enforcement and "sanctuary cities".

conservatives are full of shit.
@18 to expand on my original point, both examples i provided above would disproportionately impact black and brown people, which is the only circumstance under which conservatives think the government cannot overreach enough
@15, Good to know. So you are a fierce defender of civil rights as long as the title police or sheriff is in the title of the government worker alleged to have denied a citizen their civil rights, but don't care if someone loses their civil rights at the hands of a government worker, acting in their official capacity, as long as they have a different title. Got it.
@8: Neither teachers nor bus drivers carry guns on the job. Neither receives immunity from consequences of their actions when they kill people on the job without provable malice. Neither earns more than $100,000 per year on average specifically to deal with stressful situations
@23, So as long as the government worker does not use a gun to deny a citizen their civil right, they should not have to personally pay for the cost of defending and paying any tort claim? Got it.

As far as the malice angle, while I agree that language needs to go away, the states that don't have it (nearly all of them) don't prosecute and convict cops more than Washington. The fact is, its rare to prosecute and convict in self-defense cases period, whether cops or civilians are doing the shooting. If you have a one-sided account (from the survivor) that is not refuted or corroborated by anyone else, and physical evidence is consistent with that, then the prosecutor doesn't have a case. That is the case, without malice language.…
@22, fuckURwhataboutism

1) we are talking about police right now in the context of SOMETHING ACTUAL POLICE OFFICERS ACTUALLY DID. Show me another non-police public employee do the something similar in the course of their work and then we can talk about that event WHEN IT ACTUALLY FUCKING HAPPENS. Until then STAY ON TOPIC or SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS.

2) IT'S JUST A COMMENTS SECTION ON A BLOG WE'RE NOT WRITING FUCKING LAWS RIGHT NOW. Like do you literally believe me when I say my decrees are legally binding because you are responding to me like you think I'm fucking royalty right now.

in summary, SUCK IT NEALE
seriously tho if you can read comments like 12, 13, and 15 without taking the hint and then continue to carry on like this is a totally serious conversation you might want to talk to your doctor about that
@26, It's not whataboutism. There is a transit driver out there now who chased a passenger off the bus and beat the crap out of him with a wheel chock. His union aplealed his discilline to a binding arbitrator and got the driver's job back.

Asked about inconsistency in your line of argument, you deflect. I was kidding and not making a policy argument. BS.
@24: Nope. When our most dangerous public servants make mistakes, it's a bigger deal and deserves more action than when our less-dangerous staff do so. Police commit homicide on the job all the time.

@28: When bus drivers kill at even a tiny fraction of the rate at which peace officers do so, let's address that problem full-force. Until then, let's focus on the group who present a significant problem.
@29, The original comment referred to when civil rights are violated, the officer should pay personally. Nor is the original story, or settlement about homicide. Unjustified homicide while acting as a police officer (or other government employee) would certainly be a governmental violation of an individual civil right, but there are many more. So back on topic please. Should government employees have to pay personally whenever a civil rights lawsuit is settled, without government protection or payment? If the government pays, should they sue their worker? Also keep in mind many of these suits settle because its cheaper to settle then for the government to prevail at trial.
Thank you for your work SPD
Second that. Good work SPD..............