Treason! Insanity! (And Other Remarkable Accusations from Today's Trump-Bannon Feud)


t-Rump wrote narry a word of that sensical Bannon-bashing, I'm certain.
You have to remember that to your average Republican, treason, like child molestation, is OK when Donald Trump does it.
Agree w/ @1, no way Cheeto Jesus wrote this. Way too coherent.
plain as the NOSE on your face. jesus, get your clichés straight.
I like this line... "I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates, often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican party."

I mean, it was also quite often described as a freaking clown car, though I suppose our chosen media outlets may differ by a touch. The late night talk show writers are probably salivating at all this nonsense.
Before anyone gets too excited at the allegations Bannon is petulantly making, keep in mind that Bannon is first and foremost a liar, with absolutely no respect for the truth.
So are the alt right nazis going to rally behind trump or bannon?
They should do humanity a favor and solve their disagreement with 2nd Amendment solutions, just as baby Jeezus commanded.
@7 - I bet they (the nazi base) are wondering the same thing!
Eh- who cares. Must be a slow news day in Seattle - or a busy one that we are choosing to ignore.
The Leader of the Free World's about to go down in (metaphorical?) flames and the NeoNazis just say, "nothing to see here, now move along"?

Excellent analysis.

“… after I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates, often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican party.” -djt

You mean, the party that gave us Nixon Raygun Cheney/bush and now The Donald fucking Trumpf? THAT par-tay? Yeah, talk about Talent….

The people at Breitbart are at each other's throats, taking sides and going crazy with blood lust. It's like NYC Rats fighting with Wharf Cats over the discarded festering husk of a hot dog left too long on the warming rollers at AM-PM.

We need to lock them all in an abandoned insane asylum cafeteria, throw in some chain saws, swords, hammers, rusty knives, bottles of "raw" water, and decaying Dominoes pizza and leave them to go at each other. Whoever is left gets to run the Trump "empire".
So Trump and Bannon have teamed up (once again) to distract everyone. Which means they are up to something else completely...what else is new(s)?
So, people are believing Bannon now?
@15 He says he thinks Don Jr is a treasonous idiot and the whole lot of them are in way over their heads. Whether I believe he is sharing his honest opinion is neither here nor there. I just know he’s right.
I like how are usual right wing trolls are now "Slow news day...hurf durf..." and "Durrrrr... so we believe Bannon?" And month ago Bannon was like this god emperor.

Your rats are leaving a sinking ship.
Bannon really is a formless undirected blob of trolling protoplasm. Ten gallons of 4chan in a five-gallon suit.

Writing this stuff for Trump must be one weird job. How long before the shitsuit doing that writing starts spilling too?
Bannon reportedly figures he's still buds with Trump, after he cools down? Again, a weird nihilist dude here.

WaPo: "That person said Bannon vowed on Wednesday to continue his war on the Republican establishment and also predicted that, after a cooling-off period, he'd continue to speak with Trump, who likes to maintain contact with former advisers even after he fires and sometimes disparages them." "CNN reported Bannon said on his satellite radio program Wednesday night that Trump was a "great man" after the president had blasted Bannon earlier in the day."

Or possibly he's correct and Trump really is just *that* much of a flattery-slurping spineless wuss. Strange people.
It really is hilarious watching liberals get so easily distracted by an obviously planned out gimmick, most likely in effort to generate revenue for 2020. Revenue that most liberals will rush out to financially supply just to read about all the supposed “dirt” they think will validate their misinformed opinions. The irony works on so many levels, othwise why contine to support the man you are accusing and his agenda. It really is genius. P. T. Barnum really did have it right!…
Just because my first reaction is to happily yell “Fight! Fight! Fight! Push him in the locker!”, doesn’t mean I’m distracted from the countless meaningful crimes being committed.
@20 do you think bannon is going to profit from this book because he was quoted in it? And then finance trump’s reelection with those profits that he is not getting because that’s not how publishing works? After further handicapping trump’s chances with an insane tell-all that pits the entire white house and campaign staff against each other?

Ok, sure