Conservative Christian Activist Needs Help "Re-Horrifying" People About Homosexuality


Just looking at the cover of the acclaimed literary classic Trucker Sucker, and Satan's Pitchfork has seized control of my slacks. They're gettin' tighter by the second, ya'll.
If that is what she wants, the first thing I would lobby for is less beefiness on the covers of that gay erotica.
Head's UP, Original Andrew -- the Gay works in mysterious ways.
[Dan, your title needs a 'to' or an '-ing']
"(oral, anal, WS, SM, DP, CBT, etc.)" OK. I give up. What is CBT?
@5. It usually stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Not sure what it means here either.
@6: Cock and ball torture. #TheMoreYouKnow
@5 CBT: Computer Based Training. At least if HR is listening. Cock and Ball Torture when they are not.
I wish we could horrify them by letting them know they they are encouraging an entire generation of good young Christian girls to do anal sex for their first major sexual experiences (to keep their 'special place' pure.. for God & husband).

But that's kind of off topic I guess.

Hey, one of those guys on the cover of Brothers inLove is Milo Y... right?

Straight sex is weird! do they do it?
A lot of gay men are getting really stupid septum piercings, and we need to face it. This conversation won't get easier because we ignore it.
I had to look at the middle cover about three times to figure out what the hell was going on with the David Bowie lookalike's left arm.

The problem with being an artist is once you see bodies wrenched into grotesque positions out of sheer incompetence (or worse, trying to draw something "sexy" and snapping a person's spine in the process), you can't ever UNSEE it.

Thankfully, it's just behind the Meatloaf lookalike's head. Whew!
Unlike in Trucker Sucker, where apparently the dark-haired one has his left leg amputated below the knee...
How did Dan get my copy of Trucker Sucker?

"where “predators” are allowed to use LGBTQ clubs to target children for recruitment."

When I first read this I thought she meant nightclubs, and I had a vision of a bunch of children having a field trip to Neighbours or The Cuff.
What the flip would be so terrible if the Republican party became no less anti-gay than the Democratic party and the gay vote became evenly divided because there was no longer any reason on basis of orientation to choose either side D or side R? Between those who claim that the R is already perfectly safe for Team G and those who insist that we must pawn all we possess for the cause of D power in perpetuity, I'm getting fed up with almost everyone.
As a straight guy the scariest gays are the ones like Roy Cohn and J Edgar Hoover. Pictures of j Edgar Hoover dressed in drag blowing Clyde Tolson are pretty terrifying to me.
@ 18,

The Dems are fully on board with our equal rights, citizenship, and human dignity.

The Republinazis wanna lynch us in the town square. They're becoming even more sadistic and psychotic.

Seems like a significant difference, wouldn't you agree?
It's a testament to Dan's influence that I was able to decode that string of acronyms without the help of Google.

"...after you've caught your straight spouse watching DP/ATM/Femdom/BBC/gangbang porn..."

Oh my god! That's disgusting! DP/ATM/Femdom/BBC/gangbang porn? Where? Where would a spouse find those?! No, you know what, I won't even look for that.
I believe that Dans arguments are as old as the hills and with technology, social media, and actually living day-to-day existence in a real city, doing real jobs for little money and interacting with real people every day, no one cares anymore because we know better. We know Dan probably makes good money, has a house and has good investments for his security and we all know that thanks to Trump, his investments are probably doing extremely well tight now like everyone else's retirement and investment accounts. He and his sensationilizing ilk throw the weirdest odd ball they can find and try generalize everyone under that category. They are that which they so readily accuse. And eventually, he will become more and more irrelevant as he trys every trick in the book to stay relevant and push his books which probably arent selling too well, because they are repetitive. He pretty much alienates everyone except the paranoid libenazis. I mean the man is so paranoid that by his own account, he moved from Vashon because he was “unsure” that the local public schools would welcome the adopted son of gay partners. He didnt know, nor experience any issues in liberal Vashon Island, he just assumed - or conveniently used that as an excuse to buy a nice, expensive house on Cap Hill? I guess he never had the pleasure of going to a all-adult “Alice in Wonderland” croquet party on Vashon. As someone who is gay, conservative, Catholic, and well-educated, I can tell you, that generally speaking, no Republican or conservative walking down a Seattle street wants to see anyone hurt, actually conservatives are all about less government intervention- not more. And killing people who buy things doesnt put money back into the economy, especially when most gays have something families with children don't have: disposable income. Believe it or not conservatives have gay family members too that they love and cherish and believe that “blood is thicker than political water”. So this logic that conservatives hate gay people, or conservatives want gay people hurt, or conservatives blame everthing on gay people is hogwash and no more relevant that if you changed out the word “conservative” with “Jew”, or “Christian” or “Corporate America”. Its gay liberals that say that and promote that as a “horrifying” narrative. If you actually got to know some conservatives or Republicans, then liberals who live in fancy houses, can travel when they want to, and buy what they want - when they want to - may actually lose control of your mind and money. And that scares them to death because you cant sell rainbow flags if you might actually have more to contribute than just your lifestyle.
Nice speechifying ROThornhill dear, but I'm not buying it.

Most of today's self-identifying "conservative" leaders are Bible-addled sociopaths (or, in the case of people like trump, just plain sociopaths) who hide behind evangelicalism and the military. Their stated goal for the country is to return to some idyllic state that only existed in MGM musicals. The Republican Party, and by extension the Republican voters, enable and tacitly support this.

There are true conservative thought leaders who are alarmed by this and doing what they can - including leaving the GOP - but the monster they created has turned on them. American "Conservatism" now means a celebration of ignorance, greed, racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia.

The only people who can kill the current incarnation of the GOP are the Republican rank and file. They certainly aren't going to listen to a bunch of liberal hippies in The Soviet of Washington.
Obviously, to make clear the absolute horror of homosexual acts, we must show all adolescent boys as many woman-on-woman porn movies as we possibly can (and, in a nod to the retro book covers shown above, it should all just scream "originally recorded on VHS" with every note of the cheesy background music).

Only a large and consistent diet of such imagery can convince our strapping young lads they should have nothing but distaste for homosexuality.
@22: what a disgusting post. @23: what a bitchy post, you know you don't have to read Dan's threads. Run along now little Catholic conservative gay boy.
@22 - [an] atheist.

And who cares if you're an athiest or not, you're enabling the pharisees anyway.
@22: what a disgusting post.

@22 has picked up what the Stranger was putting down with the Murray smears. The old, false, and negative stereotype of the gay man as soulless sexual predator still holds currency with the most backward elements of our population, hence the quoting of bigoted quackery to justify it.

The Stranger took a large and needless risk by pandering to such bigotry, and the price is becoming ever clearer. No one should ever have given credence to those unverifiable stories, told by duplicitous sources who hail from the very populations most likely to make false reports of rape. Now we see the results.

(Hopefully, now that we liberal, educated, and tolerant voters in Seattle have rejected the smear campaign, its legacy may be contained.)
I think the LGBT movement should acknowledge the huge role that high-speed internet porn has played in the recent and rapid cultural shift toward greater acceptance of gay people and gay sex. Sure, Ellen and Will & Grace were a big deal for the visibility. But think of the millions of men and women wanking alone in front of their computer monitors, scrolling past 1,000 flavors of sexual exuberance and realizing that it's all just skin, dicks, moist holes, loud grunting, and fake tans. Of course there's plenty of negative things to say about the commodification of sex, but at least it has the effect of diminishing the body-horror stigma surrounding gay buttfucking.
Mr Original - If I didn't hold sales to be virtually the root of all evil, I'd offer you some lovely real estate at a knockdown bargain price.

But, seriously, I was speaking in a future hypothetical, and you responded entirely in the present. I want to die at a time when there is no orientation-based reason for anyone in the G demographic to select either of the two parties. This presupposes an improvement on the R side that some may reasonably think impossible in the foreseeable future. But one of the things that will impede progress is the attitude of those who devote so much passion to their perceived necessity for a villain. I think a lot of Democrats-Forever would rather have Evil Republicans than Improved Republicans.