State Sen. Doug Ericksen Says He's Not Joining Trump's EPA After All


This corrupt pigfucker so deserves a mass lynching and charbecuing it isn't even funny.
Calling for the murder of one's political opponents
is seldom a Good Thing, dearest auntie g.....
"Ericksen has no training nor background in environmental fields."

What more could Mein Trumpfy want?!
(Other than an utter disdain for this Planet's fragile biosphere.)
@3 & @4 kristofarian: Yes, I am well aware. But have you ever met this shameless double-dipping, total shithead crook in person? I have. He is unfit to govern and as you aptly point out, what more could Mein Trumpfy want?!--indeed.
A firing squad is too good for this prick and his "constituents" in the fossil fuel industry.
Meanwhile, we shoot rabid dogs all the time to protect the health and safety of the community......
That face's got conservative nut-job written all over it.