This happened nearly one year ago. Across the country and in Seattle, too, an anniversary march is planned for next Saturday.
This happened nearly one year ago. In Seattle, an anniversary march is planned for next Saturday. Ramon Dompor

We're fast approaching the one-year anniversary of Trump's inauguration, but instead of focusing on the mounting sense of dread in my gut, I'm directing my attention towards the more positive aspect of this horrible anniversary: the huge number of Women's March protests that Trump's swearing-into-office spurred, which happen again next Saturday here in Seattle as well as in numerous other cities across the country.

Women and supporters of women's rights assembled and marched together in solidarity against the misogynist-in-chief in upwards of 650 protests across the U.S on January 21, 2017. The Women’s March on Washington was one of the largest single-day demonstrations in recorded U.S. history, drawing an estimated 500,000 people to the country's capital, while Womxn's March Seattle had numbers spanning between 120,000 and 175,000 attendees.

We had a few reporters on the ground in DC—Sydney Brownstone and Heidi Groover, who spent the weekend covering the inauguration, the events surrounding it, and the Women's March, in addition to putting together a compelling cover story for the issue that followed—as well as Nate Gowdy snapping tons of photos. Back here in Seattle, several Stranger staffers (myself included) delivered a live blow-by-blow of the Womxn's March, and offered up our own post-op video and slideshow of photos, both taken by Ramon Dompor.

All in all, it was an exhilarating, inspirational display of unified resistance against a president who, nearly a year later, has proven he's just as bad as we all feared, and if we're being honest with ourselves, far, far worse than we imagined.

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Still, despite the barrage of appalling Trump-fueled news that damn near beats us to a pulp on the reg, banding together in protest is what we Americans do best, and anniversary marches are being held all over the country in honor of the one-year anniversary of the marches that happened in 2017. A full list of events around the US can be found here, while you can find more about the Seattle Women's March 2.0 here. It happens this upcoming Saturday, January 20, from 10 a.m to 1 p.m., kicks off from Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill, heads down Pike Street, turns right onto 4th Avenue, and ends at the Seattle Center. Womxn Act on Seattle will host a voter registration drive on Saturday, then on Sunday, January 21, a series of trainings, lectures, panels, film screenings, food drives and various other activities around the city throughout the day.

While the crowds at Seattle Women's March 2.0 are unlikely to be as large as those of 2017, the fact that that reprehensible man is still in office means the march is just as important as it was a year ago—and in light of the #MeToo Movement, even more so. In fact, the theme is "Power to the Polls," the idea being that the march is a way to both engage and motivate potential voters to get out to the 2018 midterm elections, where we start the process of wresting our country back from the nefarious administration and integrity-lacking GOP that has held it captive this past year.

Don't stay home.