James Damore Is Fighting the Good Fight for White Men in Tech


Women need to major in math and science more than they do. And maybe drop the classes in gender studies and pick up some more credits in Biochemistry or another Calculus course?
I read his manifesto, and although I disagree with nearly everything he wrote, Google shouldn't have fired him over it. It wasn't disrespectful or inflammatory. People need to be able to hear and discuss opinions different than their own. This does seem like a pretty clear case of a company firing someone from expressing their political views. I don't think we'd appreciate it if it were Hobby Lobby firing someone for attending a pro-abortion rally.
@3 If you think he shouldn't have been fired, feel free to try an experiment: send an email to everyone at your workplace declaring that women are by nature unfit for working in your field, pepper it with some hand-wavey, pseudo-scientific charts and citations, and see how that works out for you.
@3 - Opinions are like assholes... if I wanted Damore's it would already be on the tip of my tongue.

#Evidence or GTFO
@4 He didn't really say it like that. Again, I disagree with his conclusions about gender but Google could have responded with "you're wrong, here's why we think so, and we don't want to hear about it again." Maybe they did and he wouldn't shut up about it, I don't have the details. However, the article quoted a manager at Google saying "I don't want you to feel safe expressing opinions like that here." That kind of proved his point that the company is an echo chamber that crushes dissent, which long run won't be good for business.
The memo was an even-handed summary of what most credible scientists believe about sex differences. He went out of his way to be respectful and emphasize that he is referring to averages. The social-constructionism apparently advocated by Google is really no more supported by actual evidence than creationism. Here's evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker summarizing what legitimate scientists believe about sex differences:

"Women aren't biologically suited for maths"... Ha! fucking Ha!

Considering that Damore's "political views" and/or "opinions" do not correlate with, you know, actual reality, it would certainly reflect poorly on Google if they kept him around and said "Oh sure, you can be virulently misogynist here, that's cool bro." And then what? Let him move up in the hierarchy and manage other people, possibly women, with those views? Fuck that. What other narcissistic opinions does he hold? He sounds toxic & full o' drama.

Ok, process-wise, perhaps Google should have had some intense open-air discussions with this Strict Father Morality fool and try to see if he is amenable to, you know, things like "logic" and "reason" and "evidence"... and then toss him on his kiester if he can't humbly recognize the difference between "opinion" and "reality". I mean, .20 seconds of web searching would turn up dozens of counter-examples to his MRA screed. But hey, that would be "effort", and he's a busy man, coding for the team, writing long unsubstantiated tracts & circulating them at his workplace, chillin' & Netflixin' etc.
@9, That is absolutely the premise of his manifesto (here: https://gizmodo.com/exclusive-heres-the-…), he just couched it in a dry, scientific format. But more to the point, no one asked for his "analysis". Again, if you think there is nothing wrong with it, go ahead and circulate his paper at your workplace, say you co-sign on it and that it applies to your field of work, and see how that goes over.

No one should feel safe in any workplace freely expressing their opinions about their co-workers' innate inability to perform their job.
Is it "dissent" if it's factually, provably wrong?
Tiny violins. Microscopic.

Damore could get by as a stand-in for band photos. British shoegazers for sure...
Credible scientists think evolutionary psychology is horse shit

Conversation in our house last night when this was on the news:

Husband: "Who is he?"
Me: "He's that dick"
Husband: "Oh, right. Yeah. That dick. I remember now"

Damore, going down in history as "that dick".
Geez. that's a highly punchable face.
@9 - an echo chamber that crushes dissent, which long run won't be good for business.
With all due respect, I think you seriously misunderstand corporations and capitalism generally. See also: suppression of unions, historical & present day.
@12 Your what hurts?
From looking at his face I would imagine he has been throwing his toys of his pram in a sulk for many decades. Guys like him give useless spoiled mommy's boys a bad name.
If only the country could get rid of its science deniers so easily.
@20 that's what the cis-gendered non-binary person of color said

gender differences are a scientific fact and you're trying to suggest it's akin to eugenics?

wow, is the left really challenging the right with anti-science if it threatens the lie of up-and-down-the-board gender equality for anything you can name?
he's just tryna get paid.

I would filed suit under a fake name or something tho, why embarrass yourself twice?
Even if he were right, I'd fire someone who wrote and distributed a 10-page screed intended to further marginalize a not-large-enough group of co-workers. He probably doesn't realize that was his intention yet, but one day he might.
I really just popped in to see how much white male butthurt was going on in the comments, and it's a little disappointing. But it's a good opportunity to bring up Marguerite Perey, who I just learned about. She managed to discover Francium and get a spot on the fucking periodic table before she even got a chemistry degree. She had been hired as an assistant by Marie Curie and made the discovery while processing actinium. She was eventually made the head of the department of nuclear chemistry at the University of Strasbourg.

I can't help but wonder how many women were denied opportunities like these by men who thought they were biologically "bad at math", how many women maybe had opportunities like this but were then groped or insulted out of the field, and how many more women would have had great success in math and science if the previous generation had allowed more women in.

Of course these white men prefer to deny history and their unearned advantages. Everyone should be treated exactly equally starting....right now. Those weak, pathetic fuckers.
Damore lied on his resume. His co-workers hated him. Nobody wanted to work with him. His work was sub-par. His idiotic manifesto was just the straw that broke the assholes back.

And besides I thought "at will" employment was a rightwing ideal? You know. Where employers can fire anybody any time for anything? Just another example of whisper thin "ideology" of the right being a facade covering rancid insecurities.

Jesus. What a bunch of whiny pussies the alt-right are. In my 55 years I have yet to meet a right-winger that wasn't a mewling weakling.
I was prepared to defend him just because he was so darned polite and all.
But to learn he was a Trump supporter...fuck him. Probably more going on here than just that memo.
I like his counter-culture anti-misandrist attitude. I read the memo and it is pretty on point and very well researched and cited. He has a Bachelors of Science in molecular biology, physics and chemistry which means he is no slouch in his field nor uninformed especially with Masters is in Systems Biology and work at Harvard in Computational Biology which for those who don’t take the time to understand what that is includes, involves “the development and application of data-analytical and theoretical methods, mathematical modeling and computational simulation techniques to the study of biological, behavioral, and social systems”. Systems that don’t stop at the computer level, but organizational and sociological level. With that kind of power knowledge and background he has something the social justice warriors don’t have - “empirical proof that there is a biological difference between the sexes beyond genitalia and that scares liberal leftists. If this empirical proof can be verified and proven beyond the shadow of a doubt in a legal setting, he will not only win, but reset the scale of balance that feminists and social justice identity thieves have been promoting for a long time to push forth misandry, double-standards and superiority under the guise of “equality”.
@34 lol no. For starters, he lied about his background. But his education is immaterial, because there is more to scientific writing than pretty figures and citations and having an advanced degree; scientific research is peer-reviewed before it gets published. This thing is at best a high school sociology term paper, which is apparently sufficient to dazzle people who have no idea how science works and want to have their existing beliefs validated.
@34 Harvard hired someone with only a Masters to work in their Computational Biology Dept? As what?

I take it Mr. Damore is ignorant of Hedy Lamarr's contributions to electronics and comp sci! I wonder if he used Wi-Fi while composing and distributing his manifesto for idiots. I wonder if he used Google's work time and resources!


Hahahaha. A BS! Big deal. Hahaha. I have a a BS in chemistry.

And No. No he does not have a BS in molecular biology and... what ever etc etc etc. He LIED. He has a BS. Period.

And his manifesto has been thoroughly debunked by, you know, actual experts in the fields of which he has a sparse Wikipedia level knowledge. It might take you five minutes to find the dozen take downs by people who actually specialize in studying the sciences this poseur pretends he understands.

He’s a narcissist dilettante and clueless diagnosed autistic that nobody wanted to work with. His co-workers HATED him. That’s it. That’s the injustice here. An asshole got fired because he was an asshole.

I know people on teams that managed him a Google. He was an obnoxious asshole.
Oh look. Another angry SJW.
Here is one more f my favorite point-point debunks of his absurd “manifesto:”


Ps. You’ll note this so-called genius can’t find a job and is scraping the bottom feeder barrel on wingnut podcasts like Alex Jones for a living now.
I mean, Amber Cortes is the angry SJW. Fake feminists like her and the rest of the pussyhats are a joke. Iranian women are being thrown in prison for removing their hijab. That's REAL feminism.
Something something SJW something fake feminists something Iran something.

I'm always fascinated by "SJW" being thrown around as an insult. What is it about the concept of social justice - meaning being concerned that groups such as women and minoriites (though this is almost exclusively used as an insult against feminists) - are discriminated against? Someone calling out shit online or IRL is somehow a bad thing worthy of ridicule? I know the world is completely upside down right now, but can someone enlighten me? Shouldn't the calling out of what these guys call misandry not come under the same title? Aren't you being a social justice warrior when you claim/decry discrimination due to your straight-white-malesness?
A lot of good information in the legal documents about the ideological behind-the-scenes at Google. No point in weighing in about Damore himself, but he is right about it being an ideological echo chamber that punishes people for wrongthink.

Read the internal memos and emails, it is refreshingly blatant and to the point about giving people opportunity or removing it based on their political views, race, gender, or chosen identity. They make little to no effort to hide it or use euphemisms.

Google is going to settle out of court, claim no fault, and Damore is going to get paid.

@44: The point of calling someone an SJW originally was the mocking tone of "warrior," as it used to just refer to someone whose advocacy started and stopped at the keyboard. That is to say, talking loud and saying nothing. Now it is more of a useless umbrella term that means little to nothing.
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