Nice to know there are other women out there who don't conflate feminism with their own revenge fantasies...
A rare voice of reason.
Expect it to be soon snuffed out.
slippery slope bullshit.
Context matters
Forcibly kissing a women is not stealing a kiss, its assault. If your idea of flirting is similar to the actions of the cartoon Pepé Le Pew and women are literally running away from you, then you are doing something dreadfully wrong.
"We defend a right to pester, which is vital to sexual freedom."

His freedom but clearly not that of his victimS. It's so wrong in so many ways that women would defend serial offenders.
That letter, like 80% of the troll comments on SLOG, was long list of silly strawmen and idiotic Tu Quoque logical fallacies.

I mean jesus, how can you take vile morons like Catherine Deneuve seriously. She's spent the latter half of her life proudly defending Roman Polanski's anal rape of a 13 yer old girl as something "she needed to just get over for the sake of great artists."

Deneuve doesn't even deny it happened. Nope. To her a pedophile rapist is a-ok as long as he makes good movies.
No offense to people of a certain age, but it's pretty normal for older generations to hold retrograde opinions about social issues. She came of age at a time when women were conditioned to believe that harassment and abuse is flattery. Sucks for her.
Why would anyone listen to these worthless greyhairs? There's something deeply disturbing about their ilk. I get a feeling it's all about their resentment towards all these younger women being strong enough to stand up and say no.
@9: I wonder what Mae West would think.
I hope to see a #NotMyWallet backlash, men outing women that abuse their sexual attractiveness, feigning an intent to enter into a relationship, only to bail once a few pricey dinners and gifts have been secured.
@10 - karma is a bitch! Before you know it, YOU will be the gray hair.....
Anybody who doesn't admit that #metoo lacks a sense of moral relativism simply isn't being honest. Men who have done little more than flirt are being lumped in with guys who have committed outright sexual assault. Circumstance and context are basically irrelevant, not to mention the accounts of those who are named. All it takes now is an accusation to bring down a man's career.

I get the pent-up rage here, and the catharsis after all these many years of casual workplace harassment must be immensely satisfying. There's no reason women should ever have to put up with that shit. But there's also no reason the wrecking-ball approach currently being used to expose it should be exempt from criticism.
@13 Fortunately, everyone I my family keeps their color well into old age. Also, one can hope that I can adapt to changing morals, hinder any resentment, and fight the intellectual laziness that so obviously comes with age.
"Men who have done little more than flirt are being lumped in with guys who have committed outright sexual assault."

Who? Honestly, I'm curious to hear the confirmed stories of men being harmed for flirting by the #metoo movement.
@16 Dogpiling Kevin Spacey for hitting on Richard Dryfuss' kid (who was an adult) was pretty dumb. It also smack of nothing more than a "eww gross old man".

Liberation is pulling their hand away and being confident to say no and hold your ground. Not whining about how they were gross and you didn't want it and now you're traumatized and they're a monster.
Also lol @ the blantant ageism in this thread. Fuck you, older people are members of this society and have value.
@17 Spacey has at least 14 other accusers besides Dreyfuss, and some of them are accusing him of much worse than groping (or “hitting on” if you’re so inclined, I guess?) a barely legal teenager.…
@10 -- But in many cases young women AREN'T "strong enough to stand up and say no." Just read the LA Times story about James Franco for examples.
@14: At the risk of blemishing you with raindrops, that was very well articulated.
@16: Do you think Garrison Keillor should be mentioned in the same breath as Harvey Weinstein? Does what Al Franken did strike you as remotely like what Roy Moore is accused of? There are dozens of examples, and anyway, I think you know what I'm talking about.
I think i posted on it before, but there's a not-insubstantial community of people who think that the "jealous girlfriend / lazy-eye boyfriend" meme was *literally* an instance of sexual violence.

This isn't #metoo's fault, but they're certainly emboldened by today's strain of anti-knowledge feminism.
@18 Seeing as you're defending a serial sexual assaulter and getting angry about ageism, I'll add you to the list of worthless greyhairs.

@22 No, I don't think we should say all those men are equal. But I do think Franken, with his 4+ accusers, was correct in stepping down. I'm sorry that some people feel that sexual harassment should be punished. We should be more wishy washy and flexible when it comes to our own tribe.

As for Keillor, not enough of anything has come out for me to make any judgement and I assume NPR has more of the story than any of us. They made an internal decision.
@18 older people might be members of society but they sure did use the N-word a lot back in the day.
@14 Well said!
Always the classic Europeans - in many ways still way ahead of their time even by today’s standards. Well, we always have the women of #metoo!…
@19 Not defending Kevin Spacey at all. I'm sayin not every accusation is really some damaging experience worth the outrage.
@13 jeebus999 are you the same misogynist that claimed to be a "female" in another post? Stating: "So if I need a lawyer, accountant, or even a ob/gyn physician - I'm sticking with men. No way am I forking over $$$ to pay a pearl-clutching woman who might be offended that I love South Park or Family Guy."

So you like South Park, Family Guy, consider the romantic relationships of KOTOR to be more believable, spent 350 hours playing MAG 2, post videos of yourself shooting assault rifles in Texas, videos of military training, and videos of you playing hours of Star Wars video games on YouTube?

I mean, you might be a woman, but I'm thinking... um, probably not.
It's Le Monde, not La.
Still not sure what Keillor did, but I really miss "The Writer's Almanac". Does the punishment fit the crime?
Catherine Deneuve is also on record defending Roman Polanski... Last I checked Roman Polanski had raped 5 different girls, most of them underaged. So, it's not just an issue of her defending men who are "stealing a kiss."

He still walks around free because of people like Catherine Deneuve...
One reason it is the grey-hairs concerned about the witch-hunt atmosphere is you reflect back on your life and yes, you may be innocent of what today passes for sexual harassment. But still you will have at least one relationship in your past that ended badly with a strong motivation for one person to lash out and inflict pain heedless of the consequences.
@14 - well said. I’m fairly confident that I know you IRL as the youngs like to say (I mean, how many schmackys can there be in Seattle) so color me not surprised to see you call it like it is...

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