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This show is great — well, at least so far. I'm only three episodes in.

I only just found out about this show from a friend. You probably already knew about it. You've probably watched all of S1 already and you've probably blogged about it already and you've probably tweeted about it already and you're probably how my friend found out about it in the first place. If I followed you I would've found out about it sooner because you're better at the Internet than I am. But just in case anyone else out there is as bad at the Internet as I am and hasn't heard about this show, I'm tossing The End of the F***ing World up on Slog. Season One is available on Netflix. Both lead actors are amazing and no one has been killed yet. (Well, no one you care about.) It has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Don't waste your time on Season 4 of Transparent. Watch The End of the F***ing World instead.