The End of the F***ing World


Farting world?
This just looks like a better-than-average ode to the Healing Powers of the Magic V*. At least he's a psychopath instead of a f*.

"The internet is a race" as you've said
raindrop- I think I get it now, must be that great sense of humor muffy referred to last night on that other post.
Charming indeed.
@4: Lame, yes. But it was done in hopes of spurring more commentary like @2 and @3 - but unlike @4. People tend to see what other people are saying if there are any comments.
Or maybe yet another pathetic face-saving attempt.
@4, raindrop is just an asshole who is obsessed with asshole things, hence the butt stuff humor. Which is why Muffy adores him
@5, no, we know you too well, you pop in and litter all these threads with your drivel, it's never amusing.
@7: Then what did you add?
Hmm. I’m not a fan of fart jokes, but I think this one was well placed, given the awkward censorship in the show’s title.
Commas, my man. Just a friendly mention. Loved the post. No hard feelings.
I wonder which, if any, previous commenters actually watch the show.

I haven’t yet but have added it to my list.

Thanks Dan!
@2: I was worried about that as well. But the first episode proved it wasn't going to be about the magic healing powers of V. She isn't a manic pixie dream girl, her vag isn't chemo and isn't going to heal him. She's a fully realized, three-dimensional character with her own backstory, issues, arc. She's not just there for him — she also gets as much VO as he does. It's *their* story, not his story, and it's really, really good.
Why are British shows so much better than American shows? Broadchurch was great, also. I read something somewhere from a producer who said he always holds back at least one thing from what director requests, because having to adapt around a limitation tends to make for better art. Seems like maybe the smaller budgets in UK shows result in more creativity. But of course Uncle Jeff gives those posh wankers on the Grand Tour giant stacks of greenbacks, and their show is a fat bloated mess...
Great show. It's from both kid's POV. It has Binge Watch written all over it.
"Why are British shows so much better than American shows?"

The series is an adaptation of the minicomic / graphic novel by Pennsylvanian Chuck Forsman, published by Seattle's own Fantagraphics Books.
Mr Savage - Well, it seemed the obvious conclusion to draw from that still, and the rest of the promo didn't improve much. I was not, however, concerned that she would be poorly drawn. (The Brodie set provides a most adequate supply of well-drawn female characters.) I'm sick of Interesting Male Characters Who Unintentionally Find True OS Love and Promptly Become Boring. If this programme avoids that error, I'll give it a +1 without watching it.
I've watched it, and loved it. Though stylistically, it's quite a strange show. It's obviously a British show, with a British cast, accents, etc. But pretty much everything in it - landscape, cars, houses, roads, petrol (gas?) stations - looks like the US, not the UK. The narrative is very location-non-specific, but there's literally NO part of the UK that looks like this. I found it kinda jarring.

Really not sure why they did that. Maybe it's supposed to add a surreal/fantasy element. Or an obscure reference to the original graphic novel. Or great American road trip literature/ movies in general. Or make the show more 'relatable' to American audiences? Dunno.