Savage Love Letter of the Day: Hairy Shithole


The Nair advice goes for pubes too.
Lasers don't go round the back?
I would think if HOLE has a regular top, that they might be into preparing HOLE’s hole(s) for sex. I’ve trimmed and shaved a few women, which was fun, so that’s an option. Otherwise, getting it done professionally seems like the way to go. From the partner’s whom I have known that regularly got waxed, it’s clear that professionals are not shy about getting rid of hair wherever it may grow.
I loved Linda's singing.
One other function of hair in your crack is to muffle the sound of farts. Farts from a hairless crack always sound like explosive diahrrea. Seriously.
Hey, who left that pedant's hat sitting around? I guess I'll put it on my head for a second.

A shithole is a hole in which you shit. Like in an outhouse. It's not the hole from which you shit.

Hair also provides "dry lubrication," especially important for areas where the skin is more "tender." Just sayin'.
Clippers. Small electric clippers, like you'd use to groom a Yorkie. Use a guard.

This also works for grooming pubes.
The war on hair continues, once again challenging my Semitic heritage.
And the Linda Ronstadt video reminds me of my early outings en femme some 10 years ago: satin blouse and a cheap-looking wig.
Laser it away. It takes about 6-12 treatments but it works amazing. Also really good for running cycling etc sports. No more chafing!
@7. Till you're blue in the face, but will they listen? Hair is there for a reason. Keep it clean, and let it do it's job.
Haaaairy shithole
It’s time for your depilation
But all of this shaaavin’
Is taking too long now...

@11 Or, if a person has plenty of 'wet' lube, they can ditch the hair and enjoy all the extra sensation. It was a revelation to do it without wearing a wool sweater down there. I'm never going back. Not everything has a purpose. Evolution keeps things that are purely neutral, things that are vestigial, and things that are a negative but come as a package with positive things.
My asshole is waxed every six weeks, allng with the rest of the hair "down below". Works great and only the first time was a little painful. Shaving is not a good idea back there, that only works well on a smooth surface,

Dan is right that without hair it gets more sweaty. That also goes for the scrotum. I use talcum powder down there if needed to keep it dry and comfortable.

Lastly, hamish @5 is right about the farts. Lol.
If you're shaving down there regularly, you should consider getting a proper bikini trimmer that's designed for navigating those areas.

I have a women's electric shaver (I dunno if they make bikini shavers marketed for men), and it was a bit pricey but definitely worth it. It's SO much quicker and easier to use than an ordinary razor, and it's hypoallergenic so you don't get rashes or anything. Plus, it's practically impossible to cut yourself with one of those things.

(fyi, the one I use is the Panasonic Close Curves shaver, and it's excellent)
I had a marketed-to-men pubic hair trimmer for a while but I vastly prefer waxing. Also because the trimmer was not supposed to be used on the asshole IIRC.
Agree with RE @14. Waxing is not only the simplest, easiest, and yes, most painful (but only for a second) solution, it's the longest lasting one -- unless you want to go for the semi-permanent laser solution. Both shaving and depilatories remove hair at the surface, while waxing yanks them out by their roots, so they take a lot longer to grow back. If you wax regularly, less and less hair grows back. And no nicks or ingrown hairs like you get when you shave.

And a big yes to getting waxed by your lover. I've enjoyed both the process and the results when I've been able to talk partners into letting me wax various hairy bits.
RE @14: I can see how hair would damp the sound of farts. On the other hand, doesn't a smooth asshole make for an easier wipe?
BDF @18: certainly! Note that I always use a shower after toilet paper so I'm clean anyway. But wiping the smooth asshole feels a lot better.
The fart effect is not important anyway, I don't produce loud farts in public generally 😄
BDF @17
And a big yes to getting waxed by your lover.

Hmm, only if the lover knows how to do it properly. Brazilian waxing (what I subject myself to) needs to be done with good technique to make it as fast and painless as possible.
I also prefer to keep getting waxed and having sex separated in my mind because I don't want to confront the professional waxing me with an unwanted hard-on ... (never happened by the way).
@21. I'm surprised anyone finds shaving too much of a bind. I'm too much of an idiot about pain to wax--but the comments make me think it would be a good idea.
I find having myself professionally waxed vastly superior to shaving--no risk of cutting, no stubble, no razor burn or shaving rash. All the nooks and crannies are nice and smooth, with no little patch that got somehow missed. The hair takes much longer to grow back and it grows in more softly than if it were shaved. All the sensations are definitely intensified--it's kind of amazing how much of a barrier a little puff of hair is. I prefer to leave a little topographical decoration, so I don't have the plucked chicken or little girl look, but anything from the labia on down and out is gone. This includes the asshole, and wow, does it make a difference!

As far as my partners go, most of the men I've been with in the last decade do some sort of at least partial hair removal. I like the looks of things any old way, but I will say that it's really nice not to have the pubic-hair-in-the-back-of-the-mouth that was always a collateral effect of giving a blow- or rim job before the days of hair removal. However, much as I appreciate the fact that a man is making an effort to make sucking his cock or rimming his ass more appealing to me--as well as, I'm sure, making everything feel better for himself--I would prefer that either my partner wax or just trim with a pair of scissors, rather than shave. Because nothing is worse than having a stubbly groin shoved repeatedly against your tender nether regions and open vulva or your chin, and unless you just shaved an hour ago, believe me, there's going to be stubble. Having sex with a guy who shaved yesterday is agony.
A question to the hair-free movement: I’m trying to identify the time that waxing rectal hair became a common practice and/or expectation.
80’s porn still showed fairly hairy people of both camps, and some 15 years ago rectum waxing was mentioned by Sarah Silverman as a joke about the porn industry.

So regardless of your age, what was the year you started pulling hair from down there? Also, how did business accommodation to this particular practice has changed over the years?
As for me, I went through a 2-hour whole body waxing few years ago, crotch area got was exempted.
So regardless of your age, what was the year you started pulling hair from down there?

I started waxing in early 2015 and shaved and/or trimmed some years before that, can't remember when I did that for the first time. 10 years ago or something? The reason being that sex workers prefer their clients hairless down below.

Also, how did business accommodation to this particular practice has changed over the years?

There are more waxing/lasering establishments today than there used to be (if that's what you mean). Can't be more precise than that.
@13, Mmm, a wool jumper, sorry sweater, I can see that would be troublesome.

Shaving pubic hair is different. The sight of a man's pubic hair around his genitals, very erotic. Obviously not to many of us.
No. Never wanna go with a man who shaves his pubic hair. His arse hair, is his business.
CMD, I started waxing somewhere around 2004. First I just got a bikini wax, but when I went for a modified Brazilian (I still left some hair on top), I was rather surprised that the wax included the asshole. Surprised, a bit embarrassed, and ultimately, pleased. I think all Brazilians include ass waxing.

I'm not sure what you mean by "how did business accommodation to this particular practice has changed over the years?" but I just did a quick google search for "Brazilian wax men" and a bunch of places popped right up.
Thanks to all who participated in the survey.
I’m trying to put some sort of a timeline in regards to body hair esthetic standards. From what I gather women in Europe started shaving their legs at around WW2, under arm followed, then women’s crotch and beyond, and now men are expected to be hairless as well.
The 2004 rectum waxing by Nocute is the earliest non-porn I know of, though admittedly no expert here, and wonder how businesses adopted over the years.

While way too early it will be interesting to see if this no hair trend will lead to evolutional changes in humans appearance.
I have always liked hairy assholes on other men - for fucking or rimming. And hairy butts. And hairy legs and everything else.

I know women who like hairy men, too. And women who like hairy women. And men who like hairy women.

So no, the fashion of shaving or waxing is NOT universally popular, no matter what you read in the fashion mags. It started out long ago as a censorship requirement - body hair was just too much of a turn-on in the eyes of the Church, so when body skin was shown in paintings, etc, it had to be shaved. That was carried in to the movie's Hayes code in the 1930s, when body hair was shaved in movies to lessen the erotic charge of men and women in shorts or swim suits. And, given human nature, shaving (and later waxing) then became sexualized and fetishized.

That was built upon by companies who sold razors etc - shaved faces, legs and crotches are profitable, hairy faces, legs and crotches are not. Advertising portrayed unshaved skin as low-class, slovenly and dirty. And the advertising worked.

So when you get turned on by shaved skin - some of that may be natural inclination, but a lot of it is also what you've been taught. Your great-grandparents thought body hair was very, very sexy.
Thank EC. Yes, advertisers often build on human insecurities and desires.
Much of the cosmetics/hygene standards we eventually adhere to come from corporations telling us we stink if we don’t use their shit.

And speaking of, just learned that Mozart could have been a secret rectum waxer himself. You can read about “Leck mich im Arsch”, lick my ass, here:…

and also listen to it:…

@CDM I didn't see your followup until I saw the round up. I got my butt, choad, and leg crease areas lasered about 4 years ago. I was tired of chafing/rashes from bike shorts and athletic cups. Love the after effect and hubby does too!