The Case That Doesn't Make Bob Ferguson Look Very Good Is Going to the Supreme Court


Feds should pay for it. It's a Federal Treaty.
Go, Bob, Go! Don't back down. And yaay for the Swinomish tribe for fighting to protect salmon species.
@2-the lawsuit is about the culverts that the state placed, not any that the Feds put in. The state is responsible for its own actions.
Your photo is not a salmon. It's a trout. But they too spawn and may have to deal with a culvert.
If you're serious about saving the salmon you will quit eating them, except as required by religious tradition for native people. There's no evidence that eating fish improves health, I quit eating it before most people were born.
Bob's aiming to undercut treaties like Slade Gorton and his protegee Rob McKenna were never able to do. He has done the calculation that throwing tribes and our environmental future under the bus will still help him win the governor's election. He is a pure mercenary.
@6: You can make your point about not eating salmon but a protein source is required for life and that can be fish, in addition fish oil can lower triglycerides.
@6- What will save the salmon is protecting/restoring their habitat. We are killing our streams with water diversions, uncontrolled use of wells, pollution storm runoff etc. Too many dams make it too hard for young fish to get downstream and adults to get upstream to spawn. Useless dams on the Snake River are destroying the runs there. And we are putting all kinds of crap (stormwater runoff full of oil and copper from car brakes, etc.) into the Sound.

If we have healthy rivers/streams/saltwater habitat, there will be plenty of fish around. Whether or not we eat some of them.
If you like spotting the occasional Orca whale in Puget Sound, you will volunteer to, and lobby for culverts to be replaced.

Otherwise, the Orca will become extinct in Puget Sound
@3 Pursuing this case to SCOTUS is not in order to protect the salmon. It’s the opposite— it allows the state to get by with less commitment to habitat and hence there will be less fish for everyone, not just the tribes. They’re already threatened by climate change, now Bob is coming for them.